Bent Bolts

Bent Bolts can have any of a “U”, “V” or “J” shape and are usually used to keep piping or round shaft or conduit in place against the bend of the bolt. Each end of the bent bolts has a machine thread, and a nut washer combination is used to tighten the shaft against a flat surface.

U-bolts are often used to secure pipes or steel round bars to round wood or steel posts, and they may also be used to suspend wrought iron pipe in mechanical installations or be embedded in concrete as anchor bolts. These are made up of a single piece of mild or stainless steel bar that has been threaded on both ends and formed into the letter U. The threaded ends are meant to be used with washers and screws, but they can also be used with a crosspiece that spans both threaded arms of the bolt to make it more stable in some situations. U-bolts are designed to be inserted into pre-drilled or punched holes.
Common applications of Bent Bolts are:

  • • Antenna Section Securing
  • • Wire Cable
  • • Automotive Leaf Springs
  • • Automotive
  • • Plumbing
  • • Construction
  • • Home & Industrial
Bent Bolts Diameters

Bent Bolts are available on the FCH Network with Imperial/US diameters that range from #0 to 6 and with Metric diameters that range from M5 to M50. The length of Bent Bolts is usually measured from the point to the underside of the head.

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Bent Bolts Finishes

Bent Bolts are available on the FCH Network in finishes or coatings that range from Plain to Phosphate

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