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Dave Weiler
Associated Fastening Products

Military Fasteners by Product Type

Milspec Bolts
Milspec Cable & Wire Fittings
Milspec Electronic Components
Milspec Helical & Screw Thread Inserts
Milspec Keys
Milspec Nuts
Milspec Pins
Milspec Pipe & Tube Fittings
Milspec Retaining Rings & Clips
Milspec Rivets
Milspec Screws
Milspec Studs
Milspec Washers

This is the start of a list of common milspec parts.
FCH has always tried to translate Milspec items to their commodities: in this way they are available to the public who may not know the meaning of the Milspec numbers.
We hope to grow this list, to make it useful to users and search engines, so if you can suggest others (that you may have), please let us know.
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Cable & Wire| Inserts| Anchors| Industrial| Keys| Electronic| Studs| Raw Materials
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