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"FCH works great when looking for that hard to find part. "
Michael Ricard
U Turn Fastener

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Dear Fastener Professional,

We've redesigned our membership levels to ensure FCH offers a program that's just right for your business. Whether you need to advertise a few slow movers, or you're actively growing your business with online sales as a key strategy, our goal is to deliver value to each and every FCH member with a program suited to your requirements.

FCH provides an array of benefits designed to help you sell inventory online, expand your customer list, drive users to your website, and raise visibility of your company in your area of expertise.

We appreciate your participation, and we treat you that way! Call any time to discuss a custom program for your company, or for further info: 877-332-7836
*** IFE Special: SET-UP FEE WAIVED Now Thru 12/21/18 ***
 Full Level Membership - 5K listings - Starting at $149.95 per quarter
 Value Level Member - 50 listings - Starting at $19.95 per month
If you use INxSQL software to manage your fastener inventory, then you get even more value from your FCH membership.
FCH's partnership with INxSQL goes back over six years, and is constantly being improved. With INxSQL software you don't have to export your inventory to a spreadsheet and upload it to us. Instead, you can select the inventory you want to list in your INxSQL system, and just click the "Upload to FCH" button, to directly upload or update your inventory on FCH.
From within the INxSQL item inquiry, you can search through the FCH inventory listings without having to exit out to a web browser. And you can drill-down into each of these listings for more detail just like the FCH website. Except you don't have to leave your INxSQL system to do so. Listings from suppliers signed up with INxSQL's Direct Connect system are highlighted, so by clicking on these listings, you can place orders on these suppliers through the Direct Connect system.
And if you purchase fasteners from Stelfast you can use FCH's DCPConnect software to find Stelfast's Item Numbers that match the item you need by using FCH's Scrubber software, And you don't have to do anything. We take care of it all by scrubbing the description of the item you are looking at. We send the matches back to your system, and the INxSQL's Direct Connect system shows you the availability in Stelfast's warehouses. Is this cool or not? Maybe we have got to the 21st century after all.

To see how to set your system up to use and benefit from the INxSQL -> FCH connection, click the following link.
Setting up and using the INxSQL -> FCH connection
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