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"Fasteners Clearing House [FCH] has worked well for us both on the sale side and in finding hard to find parts as well. We get inquiries at least once a week from there if not more often and several have turned into sales over the years. "
Joshua Morrison
Nuts and Bolts Inc, in Omaha, NE

Studs & Threaded Rod by Type

Studs and threaded rods are fasteners that are designed primarily to be used in tension. They differ from bolts and screws in that they do not have heads (but can be used for similar purposes), and they differ from each other mainly by their length. They can be fully threaded, or just have threads at each end.

Search thousands of Studs & Threaded Rod in the FCH database of surplus, odd lot, slow-moving and hard to find fasteners. Click one of the links below to find everything from Single End Stud to Deformed Bar Anchor Stud from hundreds of fastener distributors.

Detailed Listing of all the types of Studs & Threaded Rod on The FCH Network

Single End Studs
Double Ended Studs
Tap End Studs
Ball Studs, Ball Pins
Fully Threaded Studs, All Thread Studs
Broaching Studs
Self-Clinching Studs
Screw-in & Press-in Wheel Studs
Tie Rods, Brace Rods, Double End Rods
All Threaded Rod, ATR
Acme Threaded Rod
Trapezoidal Threaded Rod
Threaded Rod (Coil Rod)
Arc Weld Studs
CD Weld Studs
Collar Studs
Headed Weld Studs, Shear Connectors
Resistance/Projection Weld Studs
CD & Arc Stud Welding Accessories
Deformed Bar Anchor Studs

Many FCH Network Member companies sell their Studs & Threaded Rod directly to end users, and others sell only to other distributors. Some list pricing information and some do not. The database is open for search by anyone with an internet connection, however members who login to the website receive additional benefits and more extensive fastener listings.

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