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"“I have used the SourceFinder request system to find hard to find parts and received many quick responses back. It works out very well. I do use it and I am very pleased with it and will use it again.” "
Dave Weiler
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Anchors by Type

Search thousands of Anchors in the FCH database of surplus, odd lot, slow-moving and hard to find fasteners. Click one of the links below to find everything from Anchor Bolts to Wedge Stud Anchor from hundreds of fastener distributors.

Detailed Listing of all the types of Anchors by material and size

Anchor Bolts
Concrete Screw, Masonry Screw Anchors (Tapcon, Titen etc.)
Drive Pin Anchors
Drop-In Anchors
Single & Double Expansion Anchors
Zinc Alloy Hammer Drive Anchors
Hanger Bolts
Lag Screw Shields Anchors
Lead Wood Screw Style Anchors
Machine Screw Style Anchors, Caulk-In Anchors
Nylon Nail-In Anchors
Ribbed, Conical, Fluted Screw Anchors, Wall Plug Anchors
Self-Drilling Concrete Snap-Off Anchor
Self-drilling Drywall Anchors, E-Z etc.
Sleeve-Type Hollow Wall Anchor, Wallgrip, Molly Bolt, Polly
Sleeve Anchors
Spade Bolt
Flat & Mushroom Head Spike Drive Anchors
Split Drive Anchors
Spring Toggle Anchors, Toggle Bolt Anchors
Threaded Rod Anchors
Wedge Anchors, Stud Anchors

Many FCH Network Member companies sell their Anchors directly to end users, and others sell only to other distributors. Some list pricing information and some do not. The database is open for search by anyone with an internet connection, however members who login to the website receive additional benefits and more extensive fastener listings.

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