The benefits of keeping your FCH listings up-to-date

The power is the searches and inquiries that flow through the network

Selling fasteners on the web is much like selling fasteners in a regular shop. You need to regularly take them out, dust them off and put them back on the shelf. And as people walk by, their eyes are caught by something new, and they look at it longer. So it is with the web: Google loves changing information.

The fasteners that have better descriptions with more relevant information in them and have a recent last updated date, attract more attention.

When you upload inventory into FCH, the date that you uploaded it becomes part of the information about your fasteners.

When you update your inventory, the last uploaded date is updated, so we always know when a fastener was last updated, or when it wasn't.

We think that updating your inventory monthly is a good compromise between spending too much time dealing with your listings on FCH, and not spending enough time so you begin to get fewer phone calls.

Generally, when general search results are displayed in the FCH search page, the newest updated fasteners are displayed at the top of the page, so if you just updated your FCH listings, your fasteners will show at the top of the page.
Gradually, over time, those results will sink lower as other FCH members update their inventory with newer dates. But you can fix this by just updating your inventory again, bringing them up to the top again.

People searching FCH for fasteners they need, expect that the search results we are providing are current and relevant, why would they expect anything else of the biggest on-line database of hard-to-find fasteners on the web? So when they find a fastener they need, and it shows that it at least a year out of date, they get turned off. First, at the company listing the inventory, and then at the FCH Sourcing Network for allowing out-of-date inventory to show.

Do yourself and the FCH Sourcing Network a favor: keep your listings up-to-date!