Military Specification Nuts

Search through thousands of nuts in the FCH database of first-run, surplus, odd lot, slow-moving and hard to find fasteners by Military Specification.

AN310 Hex Castle Nut
AN315 Hex Jam Nut
AN316 Hex Jam Nut
AN320 Hex Castle Nut
AN364 Hex Nylon Insert Nut
AN365 Hex Nylon Insert Nut
AN818 Coupling Nut
AN924 Hex Nut

MS14144 Hex Castle Nut
MS14145 Hex Castle Nut
MS14200 Spline Self-Locking Nut
MS14222 Prevailing Torque Lock Nut
MS16203 Hex Nut, Hex Jam Nut
MS16228 Hex All-Metal Lock Nut
MS17825 Hex All-Metal Lock Nut
MS17826 Hex All-Metal Lock Nut
MS17828 Hex Nylon Insert Lock Nut
MS17829 Hex Nylon Insert Lock Nut
MS17830 Hex All-Metal Lock Nut
MS19068 Slotted Round Shaft Nut
MS20341 Hex Machine Screw Nut
MS20365 Hex All-Metal Lock Nut
MS20500 Hex All-Metal Lock Nut
MS20365 Hex All-Metal Lock Nut
MS21042 Hex All-Metal Lock Nut
MS21043 Hex All-Metal Lock Nut
MS21044 Hex Nylon Insert Lock Nut
MS21045 Hex All-Metal Lock Nut
MS21046 Hex All-Metal Lock Nut
MS21047 Self-Locking Nut Plate
MS21048 Self-Locking Nut Plate
MS21049 Self-Locking Nut Plate
MS21050 Self-Locking Nut Plate
MS21051 Self-Locking Nut Plate
MS21053 Self-Locking Nut Plate
MS21055 Self-Locking Nut Plate
MS21056 Self-Locking Nut Plate
MS21060 Self-Locking Nut Plate
MS21061 Self-Locking Nut Plate
MS21062 Self-Locking Nut Plate
MS21070 Self-Locking Nut Plate
MS21072 Self-Locking Nut Plate
MS21073 Self-Locking Nut Plate
MS21074 Self-Locking Nut Plate
MS21075 Self-Locking Nut Plate
MS21083 Hex Nylon Insert Lock Nut
MS21086 Self-Locking Nut Plate
MS24679 Hex Low Crown Cap Nut
MS24680 Hex High Crown Cap Nut
MS25082 Hex Panel Nut
MS27073 Hex Coupling Nut
MS3214 Self-Clinching Nut
MS35425 Forged Wing Nut
MS35426 Forged Wing Nut
MS35649 Hex Machine Screw Nut
MS35650 Hex Machine Screw Nut
MS35690 Hex Jam Nut
MS35691 Hex Jam Nut
MS35692 Slotted Hex Nut
MS51531 Hex Coupling Nut
MS51860 Hex All-Metal Lock Nut
MS51866 Hex All-Metal Lock Nut
MS51922 Hex All-Metal Lock Nut
MS51943 Hex All-Metal Lock Nut
MS51967 Tee Nut
MS51968 Hex Nut
MS51971 Hex Nut
MS51972 Hex Nut

NAS509 Drilled Jam Nut
NAS671 Hex Nut
NAS1021 Self-Locking Nut
NAS1022 Self-Locking Nut
NAS1068 Nutplate, Floating Anchor Nut
NAS1291 Hex All-Metal Lock Nut
NAS1423 Drilled Hex Nut

MIL-N-25027 Hex Nylon Insert Lock Nut
MIL-N-45913 Hex Prevailing Torque Lock Nut