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"Fasteners Clearing House [FCH] has worked well for us both on the sale side and in finding hard to find parts as well. We get inquiries at least once a week from there if not more often and several have turned into sales over the years. "
Joshua Morrison
Nuts and Bolts Inc, in Omaha, NE

Metric Washers by DIN Specification

Search thousands of Washers by DIN specification in the FCH database of surplus, odd lot, slow-moving and hard to find fasteners. Click one of the links below to find everything from DIN 93 Tab Washer with long tab to DIN 74361C Conical Spring Washer for disc wheels from hundreds of fastener distributors.

Fastener Washers with DIN Specification

DIN 93 Tab Washer with long tab
DIN 125 Flat Washer (Form A & Form B)
DIN 125A Flat Washer without chamfer (Form A)
  (ISO 7089 Equivalent to DIN 125A)
DIN 125B Flat Washer with chamfer (Form B)
  (ISO 7090 Equivalent to DIN 125B)
DIN 125SR Flat Washer hardened
DIN 126 Flat Washer without chamfer, wider diameter
  (ISO 7091 Equivalent to DIN 126)
DIN 127A Split Lock Washer with bent ends
DIN 127B Split Lock Washer with flat ends
DIN 127 Split Lock Washer with bent and flat ends
DIN 128A Split Lock Washer with curved ends
DIN 128B Split Lock Washer with waved ends
DIN 128 Split Lock Washer with curved and waved ends
DIN 137A Curved Spring Washer (Form A)
DIN 137B Waved/Crinkled Spring Washer, (Form B)
DIN 137 Waved and Curved Spring Washer, (Form A & Form B)
DIN 432 External Tab Washer
DIN 433 (ISO 7092) Flat Washer, Small O.D.
DIN 434 Square Beveled Washer (8% taper)
DIN 435 Square Beveled Washer (14% taper)
DIN 436 Square Washer
DIN 440 Round Flat Washer for wood construction
  (ISO 7094 Equivalent to DIN 440)
DIN 462 Internal Tab Washer
DIN 463 Tab Washer with long and short tab
DIN 470 Self-Sealing Washer
DIN 988 Round Shim Washer
DIN 1440 Flat Washer for clevis pin (medium)
  (ISO 8738 Equivalent to DIN 1440)
DIN 1441 Flat Washer for clevis pin (coarse)
  (ISO 8738 Equivalent to DIN 1441)
DIN 1850 Headless Machine Bushing
DIN 2093 Disc Spring Washer
DIN 2093a Disc Spring Washer, form A
DIN 2093b Disc Spring Washer, form B
DIN 2093c Disc Spring Washer, form C
DIN 5406 External Tooth Lock Washer for DIN 981 Lock Nuts
DIN 6319C Spherical Seat Washer
DIN 6319D Conical Seat Washer
DIN 6319 Conical and Spherical Seat Washer
DIN 6340 Plain Hardened Flat Washer
DIN 6796 Conical Spring Washer, Belleville Washer
DIN 6797A External Tooth Lock Washer (JIS B1255)
DIN 6797J Internal Tooth Lock Washer (JIS B1255)
DIN 6797 Internal and External Tooth Lock Washer
DIN 6798A External Serrated Lock Washer
DIN 6798J Internal Serrated Lock Washer
DIN 6798V External Countersunk, Dished, Serrated Lock Washer (JIS B1255)
DIN 6798 Internal and External Serrated Lock Washer
DIN 6916 Structural Washer
  (ISO 7416 Equivalent to DIN 6916)
DIN 6918 Structural Square Beveled Washer (14% taper)
DIN 7349 Thick Flat Washer with large external diameter
DIN 7980 High Collar Split Lock Washer
DIN 7989 Thick Flat Washer for construction (All form types)
DIN 7989A Thick Flat Washer for construction, form A
DIN 9021 Large Diameter Fender Washer
  (ISO 7093 Equivalent to DIN 9021)
DIN 9021A Large Diameter Fender Washer, form A
  (ISO 7093 Equivalent to DIN 9021A)
DIN 9021B Large Diameter Fender Washer, form B
  (ISO 7093 Equivalent to DIN 9021B)
DIN 13912 Conical Seat Washer

Many FCH Network Member companies sell their Washers directly to end users, and others sell only to other distributors. Some list pricing information and some do not. The database is open for search by anyone with an internet connection, however members who login to the website receive additional benefits and more extensive fastener listings.

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