FCH Services

FCH can provide many services that can help you organize your inventory.

The FCH Search Engine: Locate and Market Fasteners Online

If you need to locate hard to find fasteners, or you want to sell slow moving or surplus fastener inventory, then FCH is for you. We’ve become the largest FREE to search and source search engine on the Net because it’s simple and effective for buyers and sellers alike. For more details, see How it Works.

Premium Placements: You want your Lag Screws to be top of the Lag Screws results page.

We list over 125,000 machine screws from many distributors, so sometimes it is hard to make sure that your machine screws stand out from the crowd.
FCH offers the Premium Placements program so you can make sure that specific fastener lines that you want to feature, are placed at the top of the results page in the premium position.
You can also choose that a Premium banner is shown with your premium search results.
View an example of premium search results here.

Inventory Formatting: Get Your Website Online Quickly and Simply

You are finally ready to put your own product listings on-line, but there's just one small catch: all your inventory has to be classified with materials, sizes, finishes, web categories before you can do this.
That's where FCH can help. FCH makes it easy to get your fastener inventory onto your own Web Site.
We realized that most fastener companies don’t have time to spend editing inventory files to add the level of details requied by the companies getting you website ready. So we wrote software that adds all the parameters that you will need to classify your fasteners correctly. Known as The Scrubber, our software accepts a wide array of common industry formats and shorthand and translates it into search engine friendly listings. We’re always happy to run a sample of your inventory at NO CHARGE. You have nothing to lose!

SourceFinder™: Locate Stock Nobody Seems to Have

Even with 1 1/2 million fasteners to search, FCH's search engine cannot always find exactly what you are looking for. We created the SourceFinder™ system for just that situation. If a user searches the FCH database and comes up with nothing, they can submit an instant request that goes to every FCH member who has opted into the system. FCH members can respond or not depending on their interest. When a buyer in need finds just the part they’ve been seeking, and an FCH member makes another new customer, it’s a win-win situation brought to you by FCH.

SourceFinder™ is free to use for anyone doing a search, but only FCH members can receive the alerts. This system was previously known as the RFQ system and it has been updated for our latest release.

Close Outs: A Place to Advertize your Clearance Items

If you have a few lines of clearance items, and you are prepared to offer clearance prices, then FCH has a place for you to advertize these items.
FCH Close Outs offers targeted advertisements that are specific to people searching our web site, and also from our home page.
View the Close Outs page here.

Banner Ads & Inbound Links: Promote Your Website and Business

They call it "The Web" for a reason. The more connections, or links, you have online, the more activity your business and your own website will receive. In today’s world, that understanding is critical. And the quality of your links plays an important role too. FCH provides high quality inbound links to your business via complimentary banner advertising and an up and coming link directory that targets the top search engines. FCH is a sensible and cost-effective part of any fastener company’s SEO strategy.

Premium Banner Ads: Promote Your Website and Business

See the preceding item, but make the size of the ad lots bigger. More people view your ad because there are far fewer ads in your rotation. Pricing plans are available for FCH members and non-members. Premium banner ads are available on quarterly or annual terms. This is a great way to let the fastener industry know you’re out there, and that you’re serious.
View the latest Rate Sheet here.