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How it Works

How does FastenersClearingHouse, the FCH Sourcing Network really work?

FastenersClearingHouse.com is a sourcing network for the fastener industry and those who buy and sell industrial, commercial and mil-spec fasteners. With over 1,500,000 line items in the database from hundreds of distributors across North America, FCH is the largest network of its kind.

Does it work? Bruce Darling, of Porteous Fastener Company, thinks so. You and your sourcing team are invited to see for yourself and welcome to search as often as you'd like at NO CHARGE.

FASTENER DIRECTORY users: FCH makes sense for distributors retooling with the times! Why would you pay to source when FCH has over twice the number of line items online for FREE?

Many FCH member companies sell directly to end users, and others sell only to other distributors. Some list pricing information, and some do not. The database is open for search by anyone with an Internet connection, however member users who login to the website receive additional benefits and fastener listings.

For Buyers:
Using FCH is easy and free!
Now with over a 1/2 million fasteners online, locating the inventory items you're looking for using FCH's search interface is easy and fast.
With just a few clicks of the mouse you can select the supplier of the fasteners you want based on availability, location, or familiarity.
You deal directly with your chosen vendor by phone or email to arrange the purchase and shipping of your items.
You are under no obligation to FCH, and you only do business with the vendors of your choice.
There are no commissions or fees to pay FCH.
View the Search Tutorial

For Sellers:
Sell inventory and promote your company. It takes only seconds to create your membership and you begin can receiving benefits right away.
Once you are member, you can upload a simple 3-column spreadsheet, or if you are using INxSQL, The Business Edge by Computer Insights or Distribution/One software you can select items and click a button to transfer your items straight to us without even having to make a spreadsheet; we've made it very simple to get your inventory onto the Web. Our Scrubber software cleans and formats your inventory so that people can find your Hex Cap Screws without having to know that you called them HHCS.
And in a very short time your fasteners are online and in a place to be found by thousands of potential buyers. It's that simple!

Sourcing or selling, we appreciate your participation! There is no need to register if you only want to use the search feature. There are numerous additional benefits to becoming an FCH member: List up to 10K line items in the FCH database, receive SourceFinder RFQs, drive quality web traffic to your own site and develop new business relationships, ALL for only $495.00. It's an unsurpassed marketing value!
For more details, and to sign up today, click here.

join fch and list your inventory
"We sell items all the time using FCH and have recovered our membership cost after less than two months."
Tom Hatzis
Fasteners & Metal Products Corporation
Eagle Sales Company, Inc.
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fasteners, screws, nuts, bolts
fasteners, screws, nuts, bolts
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fasteners, screws, nuts, bolts
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