Metric Rivets by DIN Specification

DIN Specification Metric Rivets are fasteners used to permanently hold two pieces of material, usually metal, together. In general, riveting involves placing the shank of the rivet through a specific-sized hole in two or more materials.

Search thousands of Rivets by DIN specification in the FCH Sourcing Network database of surplus, odd lot, slow-moving and hard to find fasteners. Click one of the links below to find everything from DIN 661 Flat Countersunk Head Solid Rivet to DIN 7341 Drive Pin Rivet from hundreds of fastener distributors.

DIN 661 Flat Countersunk Head Solid Rivet
DIN 662 Mushroom Head Solid Rivet
DIN 674 Flat Round Head Solid Rivet
DIN 7337 Blind Rivet, Domed and Countersunk Head
DIN 7337B Countersunk Head Blind Rivet
DIN 7337A Domed Head Blind Rivet
DIN 7337a Open End Blind Rivet
  (ISO 15983 Equivalent to DIN 7337a)
DIN 7338 Flat Head Semi-Tubular Rivet for Brake and Clutch Linings (Types A, B, C)
DIN 7339 One piece tubular rivet drawn from strip
DIN 7340 Tubular Rivet (Shapes A, B, C, D, Z)
DIN 7340A Tubular Rivet, Flat Head (Shape A )

Many FCH Network Member companies sell their Rivets directly to end users, and others sell only to other distributors. Some list pricing information and some do not. The database is open for search by anyone with an internet connection, however members who login to the website receive additional benefits and more extensive fastener listings.