Tension Pins, Roll Pins, Spring Pins, Slotted Spring Pins, Steel (jis b 2808)

Slotted Spring Pins, or Roll Pins are headless hollow tubes which have a longitudinal slot down the length of the pin. The ends are usually chamfered to aid installation and the outside diameter is usually slightly larger than the diameter of the hole they are going to be installed in so they become self-locking.

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MTPCASlotted Spring Pin (Roll Pin)SteelBlack Oxidem3 x 16 vsm 12785-stl blk/ox slotted tooth spring pins jis b 2808stock
Wurth ConNYSlotted Spring Pin (Roll Pin)SteelPlainM4 x 20m4 x 20 slotted spring pin jis b2808 steel plain32469
EximS'poreSlotted Spring Pin (Roll Pin)SteelPhosphateM300 x 16.00pin spring steel black phosphate3.000 x 16.00 mm0.118 x 0.630 in jis b280860045
EximS'poreSlotted Spring Pin (Roll Pin)SteelPhosphateM4 x 10pin spring steelblack phosphatedia.4.0 x 10 mmjis-b-28081995

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