F436 Hardened Round Structural Washers, sometimes just called Structural Washers are specified under ASTM F436. These washers are through hardened or carburized to add strength, but are physically smaller than a standard F844 flat washer. Generally the washers comply with the SAE pattern. Available sizes 1/4" through 4".

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Valley NuWAF436 Round Structural WasherSteelZinc/BlackM24 x 44M24x 44 construction flat zb din 691638
FTSOHF436 Round Structural WasherSteelPlainM24struct f/w stl din 69162402
FTSOHF436 Round Structural WasherSteelZinc/ClearM24struct f/w stl zn/ni/clr din 69161273
FTSOHF436 Round Structural WasherSteelZinc/ClearM24struct f/w stl zn din 6916300
CIFILF436 Round Structural WasherSteelGalvanizedM24m24 flat washer din 6916 hot dip galvanized622
CIFILF436 Round Structural WasherSteelAluminum zinc flake (Dacromet, Magnigard, Doerken)M24m24 flat washer din 6916 magni 56514
CIFILF436 Round Structural WasherSteelPlainM24m24 flat washer per din en 14399-6 plain177
CIFILF436 Round Structural WasherSteelGalvanizedM24m24 flatwasher f436 m hot dip galvanized (od slightly larger than 6916)385
SunPackFLF436 Round Structural WasherSteelPlainM24f436 structural flat sermagard 1105/12803
SunPackFLF436 Round Structural WasherSteelGalvanizedM24f436 structural flat hdg7
HodellOHF436 Round Structural WasherSteelGalvanizedM24m24 structural flat washer din 6916 hdg4
CIFILF436 Round Structural WasherSteelPlainM24flat, din 6916, (heavy)418
CIFILF436 Round Structural WasherSteelZinc/YellowM24flat , din 6916,120
CIFILF436 Round Structural WasherSteelZinc/ClearM24flat , din 6916,208
CIFILF436 Round Structural WasherSteelPlainM24flat , f436, mech glav1546
VertexDILF436 Round Structural WasherSteelPlainM24din 6916 m24 structural wshr plain steel21850
BritMetMDF436 Round Structural WasherClass 10.9PlainM24din 6916 Hardened Structural Washers72
ManscoMIF436 Round Structural WasherSteelPlainM24f/w f436m naams 10/box24
MTPCAF436 Round Structural WasherSteelPlainM24m24 din 6916-high strength flat washers4,434
MMCCILF436 Round Structural WasherSteelGalvanizedM24m24 6918 c45 steel galv din 6918inquire
THRDFASTALF436 Round Structural WasherSteelPlainM24flat (hardened) din 69169

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