F436 Hardened Round Structural Washers, sometimes just called Structural Washers are specified under ASTM F436. These washers are through hardened or carburized to add strength, but are physically smaller than a standard F844 flat washer. Generally the washers comply with the SAE pattern. Available sizes 1/4" through 4".

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FTSOHF436 Round Structural WasherSteelPlainM22struct f/w stl din 6916183
CenturyFLF436 Round Structural WasherClass 10.9GalvanizedM22din 6916 m22 grade 10.9 hdg8
CIFILF436 Round Structural WasherSteelPlainM22flat, din 6916,40
EurolinkSCF436 Round Structural WasherSteelPlainM2222 din 6916 300hv plain finish structural washerinquire
THRDFASTFLF436 Round Structural WasherSteelPlainM22f436 type-1 hardened rd wshr790
MMCCILF436 Round Structural WasherSteelPlainM22flat washer din 6916 c45 thermal black100
FastWareSaskF436 Round Structural WasherSteelZinc/YellowM22flat hardened din 6916hv26
MTPCAF436 Round Structural WasherSteelPlainM22m22 din 6916-high strength flat washers1,179
MTPCAF436 Round Structural WasherSteelGalvanizedM22m22 din 6916-hdg high strength flat washersstock
VertexDILF436 Round Structural WasherSteelPlainM22din 6916 m22 structural wshr plain steel1475
NorthernMNF436 Round Structural WasherClass 10.9Zinc/YellowM22zcyel construction 23x39x4 use w/10.9 bolt din 6916342
MMCCILF436 Round Structural WasherSteelPlainM22m22 6918 steel plain din 6918inquire

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