M10 Heavy Hex Nut

Heavy Hex Nuts are larger and thicker than standard (finished) hex nuts.The heavy hex pattern is typically used for large diameter and high strength bolts, and with certain high-strength grades of steel can be used with structural bolts in structural applications.

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YANKEENHHeavy Hex NutSteelZinc/ClearM10-1.50m10 (1.5) spring-stop hex nut-heavy type-zinc54
MasFasCorpNVHeavy Hex NutGrade 8PlainM10-1.50heavy hex nut per astm a194minquire
SunPackFLHeavy Hex NutGrade 2HPlainM10-1.50a194 2h hvy hex nut29
BritMetMDHeavy Hex NutGrade 2HPlainM10heavy hex nut 2h bn 40091253
BritMetMDHeavy Hex NutGrade 2HPlainM10heavy hex nut 2h a194 zp bn 40091zp241
MTPCAHeavy Hex NutGrade 2HPlainM10m10 2h heavy hex nut astma1941,100
MTPCAHeavy Hex NutClass 10.9GalvanizedM10m10 din 6915-10 hdg heavy hex nutsstock
VertexDILHeavy Hex NutGrade 2HPlainM10-1.50ansi m10-1.5 hvy hxnut a194-2h pln steel11290
MMCCILHeavy Hex NutGrade 2HPlainM10-1.50m10x1.5 heavy hex nut a194 2h din 6915inquire
LightningLAHeavy Hex NutGrade 2HPlainM10-1.50astm a194m gr. 2h heavy hex nut118
GLFOHHeavy Hex NutSteelPlainM10-1.50hvy hex nut nut8

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