Dowel Pins are straight solid headless shear fasteners with chamfered ends to aid with insertion and alignment. Dowel pins, which can be straight, tapered, slotted, or grooved, are inserted into pre-drilled holes, and their purpose is to keep assembled parts aligned. Dowel pins are typically hardened and manufactured to precise fractional diameters and lengths.

Dowel pins are short cylindrical rods made of metal, plastic or wood. In machinery, building, and furniture making, these pins are used to connect, join or align two or more components. They're useful for a variety of things, like aligning machine parts during assembly for reliable results and joining stone and concrete in masonry. A solid tubular rod made of plastic, wood, or metal is called a dowel pin. A dowel rod, which is longer, is sometimes cut into small pieces called dowel pins.
Common applications of Dowel Pins are:

  • • Axles in Toys
  • • Cabinetry
  • • Detents

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