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More than 120 Au-Ve-Co brand fasteners . Showing the first 120 of them. (Page 4)
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ChampionWAWashersFinishing (Countersunk) WasherBrassPlain#4#4 finish/w - auveco 16590 255-434130
OBIORNutsSheet Metal Speed Nut, Tinnerman Nut (F/J/U)300 Stainless (A1,A2, 18-8,304,310 etc.)Phosphate & Oil#8-32u-nut blk auveco 18-8 304 s/s98600
ChampionWAScrewsSelf-Tapping Sheet Metal Screw (types a,b,ab)SteelPhosphate & Oil#10 x 1 1/4Au-Ve-Co phillips ovalsemphos 8hd 149736
HOUSEFLNutsSheet Metal Speed Nut, Tinnerman Nut (F/J/U)SteelPlain12666auveco m6 u-nut extruded SAUV126663000
HOUSEFLInserts (Rivet Nuts, Helical Screw etc.)Internal Thread Insert (Rivet Nut, Well Nut, Jack Nut)SteelZinc/Clear12983auveco #12983 m5-.8 rivnut, SAUV12983100
BHAMALBolts & Cap ScrewsSteelM13614auveco 13614 blt/ AUV/136142
HOUSEFLCable & Wire Rope FittingsCable ClampsSteelPlainM20397auveco # 20397 13 wire loom clip SAUV20397103
ChampionWARetaining Rings300 Stainless (A1,A2, 18-8,304,310 etc.)9retainer spring auveco 3169 240-90648
ChampionWAPinsCotter Pin (Split Pin)SteelPlain9114presto retainer auveco 9114 170-17050
OBIOR3138 auveco600
BHAMALauveco 16622 retainer AUV/16622A4
BHAMALauveco 17494 plug AUV/174941
BHAMALNutsFlange Lock Nut w serr. (Whiz-Lock etc.)SteelZinc/Clearauveco 16470 m10-1.25 serr flg nut zn AUV/164702
BHAMALauveco 18005 AUV/180052
BHAMALauveco 18390 retainer AUV/183902
BHAMALauveco 19907 AUV/199071
BHAMALElectronic HardwareFuses & HoldersPlainauveco 16360 fuse AUV/163601
BHAMALIndustrial HardwareGasketsauveco 16681 oil plug gasket AUV/166812
BHAMALauveco 19421 AUV/194211
BHAMALauveco 19149 AUV/191491
OBIORNutsSheet Metal Speed Nut, Tinnerman Nut (F/J/U)SteelPlainauveco 15677 u-nut 10-24321
BHAMALIndustrial HardwareGasketsauveco 16680 oil plug gasket AUV/166802
BHAMALauveco 18294 AUV/182941
BHAMALRivetsSolid RivetAluminumPlainauveco 15488 rivet AUV/154881
BHAMALauveco 18392 clip AUV/183922
BHAMALauveco 18393 clip AUV/183931
BHAMALauveco 16970 AUV/1697010
BHAMALPipe & Tube FittingsPipe Clamp, Tube ClampSteelPlainauveco 17364 tubing clmp AUV/173642
BHAMALElectronic HardwareElectrical Lugs & TerminalsPlainauveco 17050 terminal AUV/170501
BHAMALScrewsSteelauveco 18261 AUV/182612
Au-Ve-Co brand fasteners
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