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KomarARWeld PinSteelPlain1/4 x 1weld nibs top1,000
KomarILWeld PinSteelPlain1/4 x 3/8weld nibs under25,000
AccurateOntWeld PinSteelPlain1/4 x 3/8weld pins bare- proj-p/n 80-25062500
AccurateOntWeld PinSteelPlain1/4 x 1/21/4x1/2 weld pin bare ohio p/n pg-2508 WP 025050 12000
Mid-ValleyCAWeld PinSteelPlainweld pin ph5012-proj5,000
OBRIENOHWeld PinSteelPlain1/4 x 3/4weld pin900
OBRIENOHWeld PinSteelPlain1/4 x 1spot weld pin800
FastWareSaskWeld PinSteelZinc/YellowM12 x 19012x190 headed pin hardened astm a331 8620 carburize and quench 88-90 hr15n ecd 0.50-0.75 rev c8962
FastWareSaskWeld PinSteelPlain0.190 x 5/8long 86 series weld pin188000
FastWareSaskWeld PinSteelZinc/Yellow0.190 x 5/8long 86 series weld pin8000
FastWareSaskWeld PinSteelPlain3/8 x 2projection weld pin260
FastWareSaskWeld PinSteelPlain1/4 x 1projection weld pin329
FastWareSaskWeld PinSteelZinc/Yellow0.190 x 5/8long 86 series weld pin8000
SRFALWeld PinSteelPlainweld stud2328
FastenalKYWeld PinSteelPlain1/8weld pin dia (sp-1108)600
FastenalGAWeld Pin300 Stainless (A1,A2, 18-8,304,310 etc.)Plain10gaugedia 3.5l point double 18-8 304 weld pin500
FastenalOHWeld PinSteelPlain.03-.04amtak #3126 carbon tag fastener1000
AmeriNYWeld PinSteelPlain1/4 x 1/21/4 x 1/2 weld pin projections under head2000
BranamOHWeld PinSteelPlain1/4 x 1/2cd nf ms weld pin465
BranamOHWeld PinSteelPlain3/16 x 5/8ms cd non flanged no thread pin500
BranamOHWeld Pin300 Stainless (A1,A2, 18-8,304,310 etc.)Plain.161 x .250ss nt nf cd weld pin2770
BranamOHWeld PinSteelPlain12 x 212gax2'' ms cd weld pin nelson 101-260-200500
BranamOHWeld PinAluminumPlain12 x 212gax2'' cd weld pin500
BranamOHWeld PinSteelPlainx 210 ga.x2 double pt cd weld pin1892
BranamOHWeld PinSteelPlainx 1 1/210 ga.x1 1/2 cup hd. pin w/ 1.5 dia head1006
BranamOHWeld Pin300 Stainless (A1,A2, 18-8,304,310 etc.)Plain12 x 212gax2 ss cd weld pin171
BranamOHWeld PinSteelPlain10 x 810gax8 ms cd weld pin nelson 101-262-80079
BranamOHWeld PinSteelPlain10 x 210gax2 ms cd weld pin nelson 101-262-200866
BranamOHWeld PinSteelPlain12 x 312gax3'' ms cd weld pin nelson 101-260-300445
BranamOHWeld PinSteelPlain10 x 2 1/210gax2 1/2 double pt cd weld pin245
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