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More than 120 Self-Tapping Type-U Drive Screws,Steel. Showing the first 120 of them. (Page 1)
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RCFastAZSelf-Tapping Drive Screw (type u)SteelPlain#2 x 1/42x1/4 round u-drive stl cad yellow (1k per) MS21318-150
RCFastAZSelf-Tapping Drive Screw (type u)SteelPlain363-130fairchild / camloc (nut, 10-32, flush hd, thru-type) H111F363-1300
RCFastAZSelf-Tapping Drive Screw (type u)SteelZinc/Clear#7 x 1/4round u-drive stl 10
SpencerOHSelf-Tapping Drive Screw (type u)SteelZinc/Clear#8 x 5/8#8 X 5/8 STEEL ROUND U-DRIVE SCREW ZINC/BAKED8695
Cal FastenrsCASelf-Tapping Drive Screw (type u)SteelBrass Plated#0 x 1/2round u-drive round. hd. u-drive5,000
Cal FastenrsCASelf-Tapping Drive Screw (type u)SteelBlack Oxide#4 x 3/8round u-drive -blk ox & wax u drive3,000
Cal FastenrsCASelf-Tapping Drive Screw (type u)SteelPhosphate & Oilc8091-632-4 6-32 u-type spring nut black phos.2,000
Cal FastenrsCASelf-Tapping Drive Screw (type u)SteelZinc/Clear#4 x 3/16round type-u drive Cr3+1,745
Cal FastenrsCASelf-Tapping Drive Screw (type u)SteelZinc/Clear0 x 1/2round u-drive srew - # u-drive500
Cal FastenrsCASelf-Tapping Drive Screw (type u)SteelZinc/Yellow#6 x 3/8round t-u drive yellow dc u-drive500
Cal FastenrsCASelf-Tapping Drive Screw (type u)SteelZinc/Yellow#8 x 1/2round t-u drive yellow dc u-drive500
Cal FastenrsCASelf-Tapping Drive Screw (type u)SteelZinc/Yellow#10 x 1/2round t-u drive yellow dc u-drive400
Global SupplyCASelf-Tapping Drive Screw (type u)SteelGalvanizedsi-3001 senior industries drive hook 5/16in diax3 1/2in l 2in curved upward fetter type thread 1018 hot dip an1
Global SupplyCASelf-Tapping Drive Screw (type u)SteelZinc/Clear#6 x 1round t-u drivescrew i4,378
Global SupplyCASelf-Tapping Drive Screw (type u)SteelPlain#2 x 3/16round head drive screw type u300
Global SupplyCASelf-Tapping Drive Screw (type u)SteelPlain#0 x 1/8round head drive screw type u300
Global SupplyCASelf-Tapping Drive Screw (type u)SteelPlain#0 x 3/16round head drive screw type u2,000
Global SupplyCASelf-Tapping Drive Screw (type u)SteelPlain00 x 3/16round head drive screw type6,382
Global SupplyCASelf-Tapping Drive Screw (type u)SteelPlain00-90 x 1/8round head drive screw type2,780
AustinMOSelf-Tapping Drive Screw (type u)SteelPlain#6 x 1/46 x 1/4 round drive fasteners MS21318-271621
AustinMOSelf-Tapping Drive Screw (type u)SteelCadmium/Yellow#10 x 3/810 x 3/8 round type-u drive cad fasteners MS21318-46779
AustinMOSelf-Tapping Drive Screw (type u)SteelPlain#3type-u round drive26349
AustinMOSelf-Tapping Drive Screw (type u)SteelPlain#2 x 1/4round type-u drive6100
AustinMOSelf-Tapping Drive Screw (type u)SteelZinc/Clearround type-u drive6000
AustinMOSelf-Tapping Drive Screw (type u)SteelPlain1/4-20drive1
AustinMOSelf-Tapping Drive Screw (type u)SteelCadmium/Yellow#8 x 1/4u drive cad/yel331
Advance C..TXSelf-Tapping Drive Screw (type u)SteelPhosphate & Oil#8#8 u type black phos15,410
KL SalesWISelf-Tapping Drive Screw (type u)SteelZinc/Clear#6 x 3/8round t-u drive stl znc1500
KL SalesWISelf-Tapping Drive Screw (type u)SteelZinc/Clear#4 x 1/4round t-u drive stl znc8930
KL SalesWISelf-Tapping Drive Screw (type u)SteelZinc/Clear#12 x 3/4round t-u drive stl znc938
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