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More than 120 Self-Tapping Type-U Drive Screws,Steel. Showing the first 120 of them. (Page 1)
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KomarARSelf-Tapping Drive Screw (type u)SteelZinc/Green#2248-01 #10ab u type nut phos olive drab13,100
MSTCMASelf-Tapping Drive Screw (type u)SteelNickelM5.31 x 1275.31 x 127 mst haer drive scr, round hd, type u, , , bn 896200
EximS'poreSelf-Tapping Drive Screw (type u)SteelPlainnut speed u-type cadnium2840
EximS'poreSelf-Tapping Drive Screw (type u)SteelPlain0.500fasteners u-type lg in27
EximS'poreSelf-Tapping Drive Screw (type u)SteelPlain#5/16-18 1.130 x 0.580nut retainers u-type in15
EximS'poreSelf-Tapping Drive Screw (type u)SteelZinc/Clearspeed nut u-type spring blue Cr3+ #6-32 topy p/n: s10030-pc M-TN-D08091632-LC43614
EximS'poreSelf-Tapping Drive Screw (type u)SteelPlainnut plate u-type [ochiai p/n: usn3006]153
EximS'poreSelf-Tapping Drive Screw (type u)SteelZinc/YellowM6-0.709 x 1.047nut u-type retainer yel Cr3+ 18.00x26.60 with staked nut m6 0.709x1.047 in23580
EximS'poreSelf-Tapping Drive Screw (type u)SteelZinc/BlackM9.144-7.874 x 0.360 x 0.310nut u-type black zn 9.144x7.874 0.360x0.310 in4
EximS'poreSelf-Tapping Drive Screw (type u)SteelZinc/Yellownut u-type m3.5 15.90x11.10x0.50mm spring yellow Cr3+ [rohs]20300
EximS'poreSelf-Tapping Drive Screw (type u)SteelPhosphate & Oilring u-type black id 4.000 mm 0.157 in ochiai p/n : utw-465
EximS'poreSelf-Tapping Drive Screw (type u)SteelZinc/ClearM2.6 x 4pan pozidrive recess [rohs] clear Cr3+19310
EximS'poreSelf-Tapping Drive Screw (type u)SteelNickelround 2x6.5 mm type-u201244
EximS'poreSelf-Tapping Drive Screw (type u)SteelNickelround hammer drive case hardened m2.89x6.35 mm type u2000
AccurateOntSelf-Tapping Drive Screw (type u)SteelZinc/Clear0 x 5/16round head type u drive screws82000
BSMICASelf-Tapping Drive Screw (type u)SteelPlain22 coarse square drive3000
FastWareSaskSelf-Tapping Drive Screw (type u)SteelPlaint186 5/16-18tn-186 5/16-18 type-u-fasteners89
HodellOHSelf-Tapping Drive Screw (type u)SteelPlain5/16st.3 type-u wave wshr106,124
HodellOHSelf-Tapping Drive Screw (type u)SteelPlain#16 x 2sprinkler drive 7sa sds1,500
HodellOHSelf-Tapping Drive Screw (type u)SteelZinc/Clear2 x 1/4round u drive zn6,800
SRFALSelf-Tapping Drive Screw (type u)SteelPhosphate & Oil10/24speed nut u-type phos & oil32
SRFALSelf-Tapping Drive Screw (type u)SteelZinc/Clear10/32speed nut u-type3091
NappcoTXSelf-Tapping Drive Screw (type u)SteelZinc/Clear0-6 x 1/4rd u-drive sc zp3861
FastenalNYSelf-Tapping Drive Screw (type u)SteelPlain#4 1/2#4-1/2l combo phil/slotted pan plastic10447
FastenalIASelf-Tapping Drive Screw (type u)SteelPlain16-14 .187 x .020f1500
FastenalWISelf-Tapping Drive Screw (type u)SteelPlain1/2 1.061/2dia 1.06l slotted tuning1007
FastenalWISelf-Tapping Drive Screw (type u)SteelPlainstick15000
FastenalONTSelf-Tapping Drive Screw (type u)SteelNickelM2.5 x 3.5900
HodellOHSelf-Tapping Drive Screw (type u)SteelZinc/Clear#14 x 1round u drive zn1,900
HodellOHSelf-Tapping Drive Screw (type u)SteelZinc/Clear#14 x 1 1/4round u drive zn1,900
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