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EAGLEMPHSTNIndustrial HardwareStaples1/2 x 5/8staples bostitch #sb103020-5/8100
EAGLEMPHSTNIndustrial HardwareStaplesse staple 1 5/16x3/4w 100 per box45000
MESAFASTCAIndustrial HardwareStaplesSteelGalvanized1/2 med crown 16ga x 1-1/2 staple10,000.0
MESAFASTCAIndustrial HardwareStaplesSteelGalvanized1/2 med crown 16ga x 1-1/2 staple15,000.0
MESAFASTCAIndustrial HardwareStaplesSteelGalvanized1/2 med crown 16ga x 1-1/2 staple5,000.0
KL SalesWIIndustrial HardwareStaplescarton closing staple 24m/bx (1000/coil)9
KL SalesWIIndustrial HardwareStaplesbostitch staple 3/4" l 7/32 crown 5m/box64
KL SalesWIIndustrial HardwareStaplesstaple chisel point 1/4" bostitch per 5 000 box420
KL SalesWIIndustrial HardwareStaples2-20staple 1/4" bostitch per 5 000 box4
KL SalesWIIndustrial HardwareStaplesSteelGalvanized18 3/8 x 3/818ga 3/8 crown 3/4 l senco staple4
KL SalesWIIndustrial HardwareStaplesSteelGalvanized3/4"x1/4" crown 18ga staple senco 5m/box3
KL SalesWIIndustrial HardwareStaples1 1/4 x 5/8staple 10004133 1/m coil 18/m box2
KL SalesWIIndustrial HardwareStaplesSteelGalvanized11"x1/4" crown 18ga staple airdrive 5m/box3
KL SalesWIIndustrial HardwareStaples1 1/4 x 1/4" fasco staples per case/10000 pcs/case5
KL SalesWIIndustrial HardwareStaples1/2 x 3/85012-c duofast staple 5/m per34
KL SalesWIIndustrial HardwareStaplesSteelGalvanized.82 x .082u staple stl 12500/ctn7300
KL SalesWIIndustrial HardwareStaplesSteelZinc/Clear3.3" hasp w/ss pin w/ staple12
KL SalesWIIndustrial HardwareStaplesSteelGalvanized1/4 x 1 1/4ga staple 5000/box4
KL SalesWIIndustrial HardwareStaplesSteelPlainstaple wide crwn 16ga 1x1-1/2 chisl pt bostitch pl30000
KL SalesWIIndustrial HardwareStaplesSteelZinc/Yellowstaple wide crown 16ga 1" x1-1/2" chsl53000
KL SalesWIIndustrial HardwareStaples7/16 x 2" hvy wire staples10000
GexproCAIndustrial HardwareStaplesSteelGalvanized22ga chisel pointcrown staple 45 000/box4
GexproNCIndustrial HardwareStaplesSteelZinc/Clear5/32lgstaple80000
CenturyFLIndustrial HardwareStaplesstaples mds202073-toung depressor 1000 per package999
CenturyFLIndustrial HardwareStaplesbostitch bcs1102 staple (16s2-38gal) 7500=1 case1
CenturyFLIndustrial HardwareStaplest50-1/4arrow brand staples 1m= 1 box5,000
CenturyFLIndustrial HardwareStaples36025 staple q2a10,000
CenturyFLIndustrial HardwareStaplesgenicom 38800108-2001 bates h50x9/16 staples5,000
CenturyFLIndustrial HardwareStapless-861 3/4 staple 24 000 case u-line1
CenturyFLIndustrial HardwareStaples1/4 x 685504 mm heavy duty staple5
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