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Spacers and Stand-Offs
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Spacers and Stand-Offs
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HayesCARound Swage Spacer300 Stainless (A1,A2, 18-8,304,310 etc.)Plainckfse-116-6 #4x3/16 broaching type spacer s/s398
KL SalesWIRound Swage SpacerAluminumPlain1/4rd 5/16 long .075 swage spacer970
SJS ProdCARound Swage SpacerAluminumPlain1/4rnd swage spacer 9/16l alum305
SJS ProdCARound Swage SpacerAluminumPlain1/4rnd 1/2l swage spacer alum2250
SJS ProdCARound Swage SpacerBrassPlain1/4rnd #6x swage spacer28
SJS ProdCARound Swage SpacerSteelZinc/Clear1/4rnd swage spacer 5/8 l st zp250
SJS ProdCARound Swage SpacerAluminumPlain1/4rnd 1/2 .105 swage spacer st alum2000
SJS ProdCARound Swage SpacerBrassPlain1/4rnd .140idx7/16 swage spacer2000
Global SupplyCARound Swage SpacerSteelPlainrev.01 cisco swage spacer350.00
Global SupplyCARound Swage SpacerSteelPlainrev.a0 cisco swage spacer831.00
Global SupplyCARound Swage SpacerBrassPlain34001-0013 rev. ps arnold magnetics drwg swage spacer 3/16odx1/2lx0.125sh odx0.094sh l 0.113 id tin swage spacer 3/16odx1/2lx0.125sh odx0.094sh l 0.113 id tin685.00
Global SupplyCARound Swage SpacerBrassPlainrev. x1 arnold magnetics drwg swage spacer 3/16odx3/16lx0.125sh odx0.094sh l 0.113 id tin1,000.00
Global SupplyCARound Swage SpacerBrassPlainrev. x1 arnold magnetics drwg swage spacer 3/16odx1/4lx0.125sh odx0.094sh l 0.113 id tin1,593.00
Global SupplyCARound Swage SpacerSteelPlain34419833-ab-0034-4 amatom. swage spcr 19833AB95.00
GexproILRound Swage SpacerAluminumPlainM1/4M x 1/41/4diamx1/4long round swage spacer .105 grip .140 hole1000
SWACOOHRound Swage SpacerSteelPlain#6 x 3/4swage spcr 1/4rd alpln1499
CenturyFLRound Swage SpacerSteelPlainmarconi 237131700 swage spacer per print52
CenturyFLRound Swage SpacerSteelPlainraf 1537-b-6-a065
CenturyFLRound Swage SpacerSteelPlainraf 1537-b-6-b-37300
CenturyFLRound Swage SpacerSteelPlainraf 1533-b-6-a9
CenturyFLRound Swage SpacerSteelPlain1/4raf 1533-d-4-b 1/4lx1/4rnd swage spacer brass200
CenturyFLRound Swage SpacerSteelZinc/Clear1/4raf 1531-c-125-s-modl=15/32-12 1/4 rnd 15/32 lg .125 hl swage spacer stl5
CenturyFLRound Swage SpacerBrassPlainraf 1535-b-6-b-1695
CenturyFLRound Swage Spacer300 Stainless (A1,A2, 18-8,304,310 etc.)Plain#241-6unicorp # ss241-6f-12 spacerswaged 4-40 x.15l41
CenturyFLRound Swage SpacerBrassPlainlyntron br6317b-0.125-00 swage spacer1,021
CenturyFLRound Swage SpacerSteelPlainraf 1533-6-b-2100
CenturyFLRound Swage SpacerSteelPlainraf 1533-c-6-a-937
CenturyFLRound Swage SpacerSteelPlainraf 1537-b-6-b-14250
CenturyFLRound Swage SpacerSteelPlain1/4raf 1535-d-4-b 1/4 rndx3/8l swage spacer brass109
CenturyFLRound Swage SpacerSteelPlainraf 1561-d-156-s-28 mod l=7/32 mod c=5/32 special swage spacer600
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Spacers and Stand-Offs

Spacers and Stand-Offs
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Spacers and Stand-Offs
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