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Spacers and Stand-Offs
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Spacers and Stand-Offs
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EximS'poreRound Swage SpacerBrassPlainspacer swage #4-40 natural794
EximS'poreRound Swage SpacerBrassPlainM88 x 14.91 x 0.125spacer swage round natural 3.175x5.588x14.91 0.125x0.220x0.587 in5968
EximS'poreRound Swage SpacerSteelTinM88 x 3.962 x 0.125spacer swage round brass 3.175x5.588x3.962 0.125x0.220x0.156 in2877
EximS'poreRound Swage SpacerBrassPlainspacer swage round 3.500x15.500x7.900 mm bright tin1261
EximS'poreRound Swage SpacerBrassNickel0 x 0.250 x 0.500 1537 6 8 37spacer swage round 0.140x0.250x0.500 in 1537-b-6-8-37376
MAINSOURCNHRound Swage SpacerSteelPlainraf 1533-b-4-a34
Ultra TechOHRound Swage SpacerAluminumPlain1/4 x 3/8rd swage spacer 1/16 shank aluminim1,500
FastenalWARound Swage SpacerSteelPlain#6-32 .250spacer swage .250 rnd br1480
FastenalWARound Swage Spacer300 Stainless (A1,A2, 18-8,304,310 etc.)Plain.187rnd ss 3-48x.250 swage spacer253
FastenalWARound Swage SpacerSteelPlain#6-32 .437spacer swage .250 rnd br292
FastenalWARound Swage SpacerSteelPlain#6-32 .250spacer swage/broach rnd br1497
FastenalILRound Swage SpacerSteelPlainspacer swage br6319b-0.375-3417513
SJS ProdCARound Swage SpacerAluminumPlain1/4rnd 1/2 .105 swage spacer st alum2,000
SJS ProdCARound Swage SpacerBrassPlain1/4rnd .140idx7/16 swage spacer2,000
SJS ProdCARound Swage SpacerSteelZinc/Clear1/4rnd swage spacer 5/8 l st zp250
SJS ProdCARound Swage SpacerBrassPlain1/4rnd #6x swage spacer28
SJS ProdCARound Swage SpacerAluminumPlain1/4rnd 1/2l swage spacer alum2,250
SJS ProdCARound Swage SpacerAluminumPlain1/4rnd swage spacer 9/16l alum305
TimberlineCORound Swage SpacerAluminumPlainM3/8 x 1/4rd swage spacer alum350
TimberlineCORound Swage SpacerSteelPlainunicorp swage spacer68
MidStatesMIRound Swage SpacerSteelPlain1/4 x 9/16spacer swage5167
MidStatesMIRound Swage Spacer300 Stainless (A1,A2, 18-8,304,310 etc.)PlainM4 x .188swage spacer 5714353154
MidStatesMIRound Swage SpacerSteelPlainM4 x .10swage spacer 571433961
MidStatesMIRound Swage Spacer300 Stainless (A1,A2, 18-8,304,310 etc.)Plainswage spacer266
PIPMNRound Swage SpacerBrassPlain1/4(.150 id)x3/4 swage spacer110
Future FastenerTXRound Swage SpacerBrassPlain3/16RAF Electronic Hardware 1518-B-3-B-5 round swage spacers 1/4l shank-.105/panel 1/16 .101id1830
Future FastenerTXRound Swage SpacerAluminumPlain1/4RAF Electronic Hardware 1534-B-6-A round swage spacers l shank-.105/panel 1/16 .140id995
AFIFLRound Swage SpacerBrassPlain1/41/4 rd swage spacer electro tin lyn-tron br6305-b-0.125-431400
AFIFLRound Swage SpacerSteelPlain1/41/4 rd swage spacer al rohs lyn-tron aa-6310-b-0.187-001000
AFIFLRound Swage SpacerSteelPlain1/41/4 rd swage spacer st zd raf 1533-b-6-s-281025
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Spacers and Stand-Offs

Spacers and Stand-Offs
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Spacers and Stand-Offs
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