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EAGLEMPHSTNFinished Hex NutPlasticPlain1/4 x 3/81/4odx3/8-24 nut and plastic slv assy10
CenturyFLFinished Hex NutPlasticPlainmicroplastics part # 0437516hn 3/8-16 hex nut nylon micro plastics250
CenturyFLFinished Hex NutPlasticPlainmicroplastics # 0425028hn 1/4-28 hex nut micro plastics8000
ACF CmpntsCAFinished Hex NutPlasticPlainM3hex finish nut peek100
ACF CmpntsCAFinished Hex NutPlasticPlainschurter plastic hexnut900
AtlFastMAFinished Hex NutPlasticPlainpvc gray hex nut100
BuckeyeOHFinished Hex NutPlasticFluoropolymer (Xylan, Fluorokote, Teflon)M6-1.00pierce nut w/teflon - gm #11514001inquire
CenturyFLFinished Hex NutPlasticPlain5/8-11genicom 44689612 5/8-11 plastic 1 cubed nuts with 2 holes157
AbabaCAFinished Hex NutPlasticPlain#8-32blind nut -- metal/plastic730
FastMasterTXFinished Hex NutPlasticPlain1/2-13hex nut teflon black28
FastMasterTXFinished Hex NutPlasticFluoropolymer (Xylan, Fluorokote, Teflon)3/4-10hex nuts teflon blue2
FastMasterTXFinished Hex NutPlasticFluoropolymer (Xylan, Fluorokote, Teflon)1/2-13hex nut teflon blue6
FastMasterTXFinished Hex NutPlasticFluoropolymer (Xylan, Fluorokote, Teflon)5/16-18hex nut teflon blue9
FastMasterTXFinished Hex NutPlasticFluoropolymer (Xylan, Fluorokote, Teflon)1-8fin. hex nut teflon blue1
FastMasterTXFinished Hex NutPlasticPlain3/4-103/4-10 hex nut grg8 teflon black6
LoneStarTXFinished Hex NutPlasticPlainx 453hex nut .625-11unc-2b a453 gr.660 ptfe6
MFSKSFinished Hex NutPlasticPlain3/8-16pvc hex nut44
BELMETRICMAFinished Hex NutPlasticPlainM6-1.00 x 1plastic nutstock
FSCCAFinished Hex NutPlasticPlain1/2-13hex fin nut 3/4x7/16 pvc polyvinylchloride grey500
MMCCILFinished Hex NutPlasticPlainM16-2.00hex nut din 9341478
MMCCILFinished Hex NutPlasticPlainM12-1.75hex nut din 934100
MMCCILFinished Hex NutPlasticPlainM4-0.70hex nut din 93420
MMCCILFinished Hex NutPlasticPlainM8-1.25hex nut din 9341213
MMCCILFinished Hex NutPlasticPlainM3-0.50hex nut din 934
MMCCILFinished Hex NutPlasticPlainM3.5-0.60hex nut din 93440
MMCCILFinished Hex NutPlasticPlainM10-1.50hex nut din 93430
MMCCILFinished Hex NutPlasticPlainM6-1.00hex nut din 9341334
MMCCILFinished Hex NutPlasticPlainM5-0.80hex nut din 93488
THRDFASTALFinished Hex NutPlasticPlain1 1/8-7hex nut teflon blue b18.2.22
THRDFASTALFinished Hex NutPlasticPlain5/8-11hex nut teflon reinforced ptfe b18.2.23
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