Irwin IndOntBarbed FittingsSteelPlaincolder smfpm02 1/8 hose barb acetal coupling2,100
Irwin IndOntBarbed FittingsSteelPlaincolder smf02 1/8 hose barb acetal coupling1,600
Irwin IndOntBarbed FittingsPlasticPlainvalue plastics k230-2 barbed fitting black nylon500
Irwin IndOntBarbed FittingsSteelPlainbuild-a-part tube fitting elbow 400 series barb200
NutsBoltsNEBarbed FittingsSteelPlain5/16 x 1/85/16 x 1/8 female hose barb13
NutsBoltsNEBarbed FittingsSteelPlain3/16 x 1/43/16 x 1/4 sae hose barb 3232249
NutsBoltsNEBarbed FittingsSteelPlain3/4 x 3/43/4 x 3/4 female hose barb12
NutsBoltsNEBarbed FittingsSteelPlain3/16 x 1/43/16 x 1/4 sae female swivel barb 321071
NutsBoltsNEBarbed FittingsSteelPlain3/8 x 1/23/8 x 1/2 sae hose barb disc5
NutsBoltsNEBarbed FittingsSteelPlain1/8 x 1/81/8 x 1/8 male hose barb13
NutsBoltsNEBarbed FittingsSteelPlain3/4 x 1/23/4 x 1/2 male hose barb16
NutsBoltsNEBarbed FittingsSteelPlain1/4 x 3/81/4 x 3/8 sae female swivel barb 3210311
NutsBoltsNEBarbed FittingsBrassPlain1/4 x 1/41/4 x 1/4 female brass hose barb 209a-4b10
NutsBoltsNEBarbed FittingsSteelPlain1/8 x 1/81/8 x 1/8 female hose barb6
NutsBoltsNEBarbed FittingsSteelPlain1/4 x 1/41/4 x 1/4 sae hose barb 320813
NutsBoltsNEBarbed FittingsSteelPlain5/85/8 hose barb splicer10
NutsBoltsNEBarbed FittingsSteelPlain3/4 x 3/83/4 x 3/8 male hose barb8
NutsBoltsNEBarbed FittingsSteelPlain1/4 x 1/81/4 x 1/8 male hose barb17
NutsBoltsNEBarbed FittingsSteelPlain1/2 x 1/21/2 x 1/2 sae hose barb disc46
NutsBoltsNEBarbed FittingsSteelPlain3/8 x 3/83/8 x 3/8 sae female swivel barb 3210564
EFSCOORBarbed FittingsSteelPlain11 push on hose barb x 1 (1-5/16-12) female 37d jic flare swivel10
EFSCOORBarbed FittingsSteelPlainmale pipe tapered hose barb 1/2 hose-3/8 npt25
EFSCOORBarbed FittingsSteelPlainmale pipe tapered hose barb 3/8 hose-1/4 npt26
ACFCABarbed FittingsNylonPlain1/4-28 x 3/161/4-28x3/16 nylon barb tube fitting500
NAPPCOTXBarbed FittingsBrassPlain3/4 x 1/23/4x1/2 brass hose barb275
NAPPCOTXBarbed FittingsSteelGalvanized1 1/21-1/2 galv.steel hose barb60
NAPPCOTXBarbed FittingsBrassPlain1 x 11 x1 brass hose barb60
NAPPCOTXBarbed FittingsBrassPlain3/4 x 3/83/4x3/8 brass hose barb32
HodellOHBarbed FittingsBrassPlain3/8 x 1/43/8 hose x 1/4 male npt brass hose barb10
ACCURATEILBarbed FittingsBrass3/8x1/8 hose barbs (male)100
ACCURATEILBarbed FittingsBrass3/8x1/4 hose barbs (male)50
ACCURATEILBarbed FittingsBrass3/8x3/8 hose barbs (male)50
ACCURATEILBarbed FittingsBrass3/8x3/8 hose barb x barb (splicer)50
ACCURATEILBarbed FittingsBrass1/4x3/8 hose barb x fip adpt (female)106
CenturyFLBarbed FittingsBrassPlainparker 4245-5-25
CenturyFLBarbed FittingsSteelPlainfitting straight reducer 3/4 barbed m100
CenturyFLBarbed FittingsSteelPlaintee connector barbed for 1/4 tube id68
CenturyFLBarbed Fittings300 Stainless (A1,A2, 18-8,304,310 etc.)Plain2334 barbed hose fitting s/s6
CenturyFLBarbed FittingsSteelPlainbarbed tube fitting straight reducer 5//50
CenturyFLBarbed FittingsSteelPlainbarbed tube fitting944
CenturyFLBarbed FittingsSteelPlainbarbed tube fitting997
CenturyFLBarbed FittingsNylonPlainnylon extra grip barbed tee100
CenturyFLBarbed FittingsSteelPlainparker 125hlb-6-425
CenturyFLBarbed FittingsSteelPlain90parker-hannifan 129hb-4-2 90 hose barb1
CenturyFLBarbed FittingsSteelPlain3/83/8 hose barb valved panel mount couplin50
MidStatesMIBarbed FittingsBrassPlain3/8 x 3/8female hose barb 5/unit3
MidStatesMIBarbed FittingsSteelPlain5/16 x 5/16hose conn barbed 10/unit9
MidStatesMIBarbed FittingsBrassPlain3/8hose barb 1/8npt 5/un25
MidStatesMIBarbed FittingsSteelPlain1/8 x 1/8male hose barb89
MidStatesMIBarbed FittingsSteelZinc/Clear1 x 1in pipe w/barbs15
HayesCABarbed FittingsSteelPlainclippard 11750-2 m2.5 (3-56) barb hose bulk parkage1125
HayesCABarbed FittingsNylonPlainark-plas ap0418teen fitting t barbed white200
HayesCABarbed FittingsSteelPlaindesign automation sbf-1818 1/8 barbed tube union200
SISAZBarbed FittingsBrassNickel- barbed vacuum tube fitting swivel elbow for 1/8 tube idx10-32 male thread22
SISAZBarbed FittingsBrassNickel#10-32 x 1/8tube id vacuum tube fitting swivel elbow barbed -25
SISAZBarbed FittingsSteelPlain3/8standard vacuum check valve barb polypropylene2200
KL SalesWIBarbed FittingsNylonPlain1/8barbx1/16 barb reducing elbow black100
KL SalesWIBarbed FittingsBrassPlain1/4hose barbx1/8 male npt34
KL SalesWIBarbed FittingsBrassPlain1/4 x 1/16hose barbxmale adpt10
KL SalesWIBarbed FittingsBrassPlain1/4x1/4 barbxmip swivel fitting18
KL SalesWIBarbed FittingsBrassPlain1/2male adptx hose barb45
AmeriNYBarbed Fittings#10-2410/24 insert barbed body29700
KL SalesWIBarbed FittingsPlasticPlain3/4mnptx barb pvc fitting black3,945
ACFCABarbed FittingsSteelPlainparker hannifin 3/4 hose barb fitting20
ACFCABarbed FittingsBrassPlain1/81/8 brass hose barb tee3
NorthernMNBarbed FittingsBrassPlains/o 3/8x1/8 brass male hose barb25
NorthernMNBarbed FittingsSteelPlains/o quick coupler 3/8 body x 1/2 hose barb3
NorthernMNBarbed FittingsSteelPlains/o 3/8 hose barb x 1/4 npt4
NorthernMNBarbed FittingsSteelPlains/o quick coupler 3/8 body x 3/8 hose barb2
NorthernMNBarbed FittingsSteelPlains/o 3/4 hosebarb twistlock coupleruniversal19
BHAMALBarbed FittingsSteelPlainfitting 3/4x1/2 hose barbxmale adpt14
BHAMALBarbed FittingsSteelPlainfitting 1/4 barb splicer49
BHAMALBarbed FittingsSteelPlainfitting 5/8x1/2 hose barbxmip elbow10
BHAMALBarbed FittingsSteelPlainfitting 5/8x1/2 hosr barbxmale adpt20
BHAMALBarbed FittingsBrassPlain1/2 x 3/4hose barbxmale adpt brs10
BHAMALBarbed FittingsSteelPlain1/2 x 1/2hose barbxfip adpt10
BHAMALBarbed FittingsSteelPlainfitting 1/2x1/2 hose barbxmale adpt19
BHAMALBarbed FittingsBrassPlainfitting 3/8idx1/2mp brs hose barb6
BHAMALBarbed FittingsBrassPlainfitting 1/4idx1/2mp brs hose barb6
METRO INDOHBarbed FittingsBrassPlain1/2 barbx3/8-16 female pipe thread barb-tite fitting npt50
METRO INDOHBarbed FittingsBrassPlain1/2 babrx1/2-14 female pipe thread barb-tite fitting npt50
METRO INDOHBarbed FittingsBrassPlain1 1/4-11 x 32mmn male pipexbarb fitting pt2
METRO INDOHBarbed FittingsBrassPlain1/2push-lock barbx3/8 npt male swivel1
METRO INDOHBarbed FittingsBrassPlain3/4 npt barb-tite male swivel1
METRO INDOHBarbed FittingsBrassPlain1/2-14x1/2 barb fitt. fem pipe npt8
METRO INDOHBarbed FittingsBrassPlain3/8-18x1/2 barb fitt. fem pipe npt25
METRO INDOHBarbed FittingsBrassPlain3/8-18x3/8 barb fitt. fem pipe npt10
METRO INDOHBarbed FittingsBrassPlain1 x 1male pipexbarb fitting npt20
METRO INDOHBarbed FittingsBrassPlain1 x 1 1/4male pipexbarb fitting npt47
METRO INDOHBarbed FittingsBrassPlain1 1/4 x 1male pipexbarb fitting npt 102-16-2016
METRO INDOHBarbed FittingsBrassPlain1 1/4 x 1 3/8male pipexbarb fitting npt22
METRO INDOHBarbed FittingsBrassPlain1/2-14 x 1/2male pipexbarb fitting npt60
METRO INDOHBarbed FittingsBrassPlain1/2-14 x 1/4male pipexbarb fitting npt25
METRO INDOHBarbed FittingsBrassPlain1/2-14 x 3/4male pipexbarb fitting npt31
METRO INDOHBarbed FittingsBrassPlain1/2-14 x 3/8male pipexbarb fitting npt27
MasFasCorpNVBarbed FittingsBrassPlainclippard #11750-2-blk 3-56 male to 1/16 barb hose fittinginquire
MasFasCorpNVBarbed FittingsBrassPlain#28-531 1/4bodyx1/4 hose id female push-on barbed hose couplerinquire
TrinityMIBarbed FittingsSteelPlain1/81/8 npt hose barb 3/16 hose100
AbabaCABarbed FittingsNylonPlain3/32 x 1/163/32 x 1/16 barbed tube fitting black nylon30
JacksonMSBarbed FittingsBrassPlain1/2 x 1/2double hose barb push on fitting (part# 32-096)10
All SizeTXBarbed Fittings300 Stainless (A1,A2, 18-8,304,310 etc.)Plain2 1/22 1/2 male x hose barb camlock s/s2
All SizeTXBarbed FittingsSteelPlain#12#12 mjic x #12 barb straight press lock.20
All SizeTXBarbed FittingsBrassPlain11 hose barb x 1 mpt brass straight15
All SizeTXBarbed FittingsSteelPlain1/41/4 barb coupler36
All SizeTXBarbed FittingsSteelPlain1/41/4 hose barb body25
All SizeTXBarbed FittingsBrassPlain3/83/8 hose barb x 1/2 fpt brass straight20
All SizeTXBarbed FittingsSteelPlain3/83/8 hose barb pulg m-style529
All SizeTXBarbed FittingsBrassPlain3/83/8 hose barb x 1/8 mpt brass20
All SizeTXBarbed FittingsSteelPlain3/83/8 barb x 1/4 air nipple44
All SizeTXBarbed FittingsSteelPlain1/41/4 barb x 1/4 coupler60
All SizeTXBarbed FittingsSteelPlain#16#16 morb to 1 male hose barb28
All SizeTXBarbed FittingsSteelZinc/Yellow1/4 x 1/41/4 x 1/4 hose barb splicer yellow collar6
All SizeTXBarbed FittingsSteelPlain1/41/4 barb x 1/4 jic swivel straight20
KL SalesWIBarbed FittingsBrassPlain1/8 barbed hose splice25
CIFILBarbed FittingsPlasticPlain1.043 x 3.2051.043 x 3.205 fitting transom with 5/8 barbed thermoplastic black54
PennyPABarbed FittingsSteelPlainfitting 139-24 1/8 hse barbx1/4 mnptinquire
PennyPABarbed FittingsSteelPlainfitting 139-22 male hse barb 1/8 nptinquire
PennyPABarbed FittingsSteelPlainfitting 144-84 hose barbinquire
PennyPABarbed FittingsSteelPlainfitting 139-128 3/4x1/2 m hose barbinquire
PennyPABarbed FittingsSteelPlainfitting 139-64 male hse barb 1/4 nptinquire
PennyPABarbed FittingsSteelPlainfitting 146-68 3/8m barb x 1/2mpt 90inquire
SIIINBarbed Fittings300 Stainless (A1,A2, 18-8,304,310 etc.)Plainkremlin barb hose s/s 10m1
SIIINBarbed FittingsSteelPlain1/41/4 hose barb air connector) coil hose26
SIIINBarbed FittingsSteelPlain1/41/4 coilhose hose barb coupler)11
SIIINBarbed FittingsSteelPlain1/21/2 hose barb splicer28
SIIINBarbed FittingsBrassPlaingarden hose brass fitting. 3/4 female swivel with 1/2 hose barb.31
SIIINBarbed FittingsBrassPlaingarden hose brass fitting. 3/4 male with 1/2 hose barb.6
SIIINBarbed FittingsSteelPlainindustrial interchange 3/8 body 3/8 id hose barb35
SIIINBarbed FittingsSteelPlainmanual coupler industrial interchange 3/8 body 3/8 hose barb8
SIIINBarbed FittingsSteelPlain3/83/8 coupler body with 3/8 lock-on hose barb40
SIIINBarbed FittingsSteelPlain1/41/4 hose barb x1/8 male npt)55
SIIINBarbed FittingsSteelPlain1/41/4 hose barb x1/4 male npt)83
SIIINBarbed FittingsSteelPlain1/41/4 hose barb x3/8 male npt)21
SIIINBarbed FittingsSteelPlain3/83/8 hose barb x1/4 male npt)30
SIIINBarbed FittingsSteelPlain3/83/8 hose barb x3/8 male npt)42
SIIINBarbed FittingsSteelPlain1/21/2 hose barb x1/2 male npt)25
SIIINBarbed FittingsSteelPlain3/43/4 hose barb x1/2 male npt)5
WDMBMOBarbed FittingsBrassPlain3/8 barb tee8394
WDMBMOBarbed FittingsBrassPlain1/8hose barb splicer100
WDMBMOBarbed FittingsSteelPlain3/16 x 1/8hose barbxmale adpt w/516 lt vibraseal patch p/print7956

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