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Bolts and Cap Screws
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Bolts and Cap Screws

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Cal FastenrsCAShoulder Bolt (Stripper Bolt)NylonPlainshoulder washer #6 screw1,000
MidStatesMIShoulder Bolt (Stripper Bolt)NylonPlain3/8 x 1 3/4stripper bolt w/nyl pel16
MidStatesMIShoulder Bolt (Stripper Bolt)NylonPlain5/16 x 3/4stripper bolt w/nyl pel136
MidStatesMIShoulder Bolt (Stripper Bolt)NylonPlain1/4 x 1/4phillips slotted shoulder sc1523
MotorCityMIShoulder Bolt (Stripper Bolt)NylonPlain1/2 x 1/2sh/b w/ pellet335
Ultra TechOHShoulder Bolt (Stripper Bolt)NylonPlain3/8 x 1 1/4stripper bolt6
BoulderIAShoulder Bolt (Stripper Bolt)NylonPlain.260 x .516 x .267nyl shoulder screw12446
GexproCAShoulder Bolt (Stripper Bolt)NylonPlain#2#2 screw .040lg shoulder washer natl3475
AbabaCAShoulder Bolt (Stripper Bolt)NylonPlain5/16 x 5/8soc shldr blt pellet356
SBSMAShoulder Bolt (Stripper Bolt)NylonPlain5/16 x 3/8socket sh/b w/22
LibertyILShoulder Bolt (Stripper Bolt)NylonPlain10sc004009 shoulder washer/screw insulator washer/screw insulator1,230
FastenalTXShoulder Bolt (Stripper Bolt)NylonPlain5/16 x 1/2nyln wshr b18.351260
FastenalMNShoulder Bolt (Stripper Bolt)NylonPlain1/4shoulderx1-x#10-24 pellet sh/b b18.33456
FastenalMNShoulder Bolt (Stripper Bolt)NylonPlain0.363-0.373shoulderx3/8 shoulder lengthx5/16-18 natural finish socket sh/b b18.32450
FastenalMNShoulder Bolt (Stripper Bolt)NylonPlain3/8shoulderx1 x 5/16-18 pellet sh/b b18.3100
FastenalMNShoulder Bolt (Stripper Bolt)NylonPlain3/8shoulderx3/4x5/16-18 pellet sh/b b18.3172
AccutiteCAShoulder Bolt (Stripper Bolt)NylonPlain#4shoulder screw500
AccutiteCAShoulder Bolt (Stripper Bolt)NylonPlain.097 x .187 x .090shoulder washer for a # 2 screw per smc # 5607-7268
AccutiteCAShoulder Bolt (Stripper Bolt)NylonPlainshoulder washer 6/6 #4 screw .250 diam rohs compliant9,287
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Bolts and Cap Screws

Bolts and Cap Screws
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Bolts and Cap Screws
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