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More than 120 Knobs & Star Grips. Showing the first 120 of them. (Page 1)
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ManscoMIIndustrial HardwareKnobs & Star GripsSteelZinc/Clear1/4-20 x 1 1/4knurled black knob with 1/4-20 x 1-1/4 steel stud zinc 3187
ManscoMIIndustrial HardwareKnobs & Star GripsPlasticPlain5/16-24four prong black knob with 5/16-24 x 1.4 inch stainless steel stud 796
Jay-CeeMIIndustrial HardwareKnobs & Star Gripsadjust knob for 39300 nutter toolinquire
Jay-CeeMIIndustrial HardwareKnobs & Star Grips710842 adjustment knob1
SJS ProdCAIndustrial HardwareKnobs & Star Grips300 Stainless (A1,A2, 18-8,304,310 etc.)s/h c/s ss 1/4-20x5/16 w/shearlock knob228
SJS ProdCAIndustrial HardwareKnobs & Star Grips#4round head black knob rohs500
SJS ProdCAIndustrial HardwareKnobs & Star Grips#6round head press-loc knob black rohs705
SJS ProdCAIndustrial HardwareKnobs & Star Gripslatch plunger knob4000
KL SalesWIIndustrial HardwareKnobs & Star GripsSteelBlack Oxide#8 x 1/2od knurled knob blk500
KL SalesWIIndustrial HardwareKnobs & Star Grips1/4knurled knob149
KL SalesWIIndustrial HardwareKnobs & Star GripsPlasticBlack Oxidel-knob black delrin 500 acetal resin for 1/4" size3
KL SalesWIIndustrial HardwareKnobs & Star Grips1/4-20 x 9/16three armed knob black300
KL SalesWIIndustrial HardwareKnobs & Star Gripsblack pull knob 8-32 internal thread500
KL SalesWIIndustrial HardwareKnobs & Star GripsM8tee knob black5
KL SalesWIIndustrial HardwareKnobs & Star Gripsvacum adjustment knob assembly 710842& 7103852
KL SalesWIIndustrial HardwareKnobs & Star Gripssuction adjustment knob rac180(49)rac2200(36)3
KL SalesWIIndustrial HardwareKnobs & Star GripsSteelBlack Oxide#10-3210-32 slotted knurl snap-in captive knob blk825
KL SalesWIIndustrial HardwareKnobs & Star GripsSteelZinc/Clear#10-3210-32 phil knurl snap-in captive knob106
KL SalesWIIndustrial HardwareKnobs & Star GripsSteelZinc/Clear#10-3210-32 combo knurl press-in captive knob500
KL SalesWIIndustrial HardwareKnobs & Star GripsSteelBlack Oxide#8-32 x 1/2knurled knob 1/2 blk252
KL SalesWIIndustrial HardwareKnobs & Star GripsSteelBlack Oxide1/4-20 x 1knurled knob 3/4 blk135
PIPMNIndustrial HardwareKnobs & Star Gripst-handle knob w/thru hole319
PIPMNIndustrial HardwareKnobs & Star GripsBrass1/4-20knob-t hndl plast abs ins2140
PIPMNIndustrial HardwareKnobs & Star GripsSteelZinc/Clear#8-32 x .50knob textured black zp75
PIPMNIndustrial HardwareKnobs & Star GripsSteelBlack Oxide.375textured black knob626
PIPMNIndustrial HardwareKnobs & Star Gripsknob t-handle per/drwg. 120865 rev b31
BMB FASTENERSNJIndustrial HardwareKnobs & Star GripsResin (Phenolic, etc.)Plain5/16-18Material: 2-Shot SoftTouch TPE over Glass-Reinforced Polypropylene Body Configuration: Closed or Hole-Thru Tops(-H) Metal Hardware: Zinc-Plated Brass Female Inserts, or Zinc-Plated Steel Studs Stud Length: Up to 3 inches in ¼" increments Colors: Black Each knob style is available as a female insert or male stud. Custom color matching and pad printed markings are available. Other materials and hardware sizes can be accommodated. Dimensional tolerances vary depending on material used and length of dimension. 10000
ACF CmpntsCAIndustrial HardwareKnobs & Star GripsPlasticPlain#57#57 spring latch plastic knob style rivet type southco so-57-30-401-10600
ACF CmpntsCAIndustrial HardwareKnobs & Star GripsPlasticPlaingray knurled plastic knob 3/4 od shear-loc products 83-98-903g98
ACF CmpntsCAIndustrial HardwareKnobs & Star GripsPlasticPlain#10#10 knurled plastic knob gray shear-loc products 83-98-902g600
Knobs & Star Grips
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