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ACCURATEILHand ToolsTapsM12-1.75tap spiral pointed hss usa4
ACCURATEILHand ToolsTapsSteelM12-1.50tap plug fine thread1
ACCURATEILHand ToolsTapsM5-0.80hand tap hss bottom usa12
ACCURATEILHand ToolsTapsM6-1.00hand tap hss bottom usa12
ACCURATEILHand ToolsTapsM8-1.25hand tap hss bottom usa2
ACCURATEILHand ToolsTaps1/4-20tap bottom hss usa4
ACCURATEILHand ToolsTaps#10-32hand tap hss taper h39
ACCURATEILHand ToolsTapsM10-1.50hand tap hss bottom usa6
ACCURATEILHand ToolsTapsM4-0.70hand tap hss bottom usa12
ACCURATEILHand ToolsTapsSteelPlain7/16-20tap hss usa hand tap-plug2
ACCURATEILHand ToolsTapsSteelPlain7/16-14tap hss usa hand tap-plug4
ACCURATEILHand ToolsTapsSteel5/16-18tap plug made in usa htp17003210
ACCURATEILHand ToolsTapsSteelM12-1.25tap bottom extra fine2
ACCURATEILHand ToolsTapsSteel5/16-24tap plug made in usa unf10
ACCURATEILHand ToolsTapsSteel1/2-13tap set 3pc. irwin hanson 2644 set nc 3pc (taper, plug, bottom taps) made in usa 585-26442
ACCURATEILHand ToolsTapsSteel3/8socket pipe plug 3/4 tape brass5
ACCURATEILHand ToolsTapsSteel1/4socket pipe plug 3/4 tape brass61
FastMasterTXHand ToolsTapsGrade L7Cadmium/Yellow7/8-9 x 4 5/8tap end a320-l7 (1 3a toe, 2 2a toe) cadium9
FastMasterTXHand ToolsTapsSteel7/16-14spiral pointed plug taps1
FastMasterTXHand ToolsTapsSteelM16-2.0 4flute bottom tap usa1
FastMasterTXHand ToolsTapsSteel1/8-27spiral fluted taper pipe taps8
FastMasterTXHand ToolsTapsSteel#12-24spiral pointed tap9
FastMasterTXHand ToolsTapsSteel#10-24spiral pointed plug taps1
FastMasterTXHand ToolsTapsSteel1-8spiral pointed taps1
FastMasterTXHand ToolsTapsSteel#10-32spiral pointed plug taps5
FastMasterTXHand ToolsTapsSteelM16-2.0 4flute taper tap usa1
FastMasterTXHand ToolsTapsSteelM10-1.0010-1.0 taper tap6
FastMasterTXHand ToolsTapsM8-1.00taper tap7
FastMasterTXHand ToolsTapsSteel7/16-14hand tap bottom4
FastMasterTXHand ToolsTapsSteel#10-32hand tap bottom3
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