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FastenalOHHex Jam NutGrade BPlain5/16-18jam center lock grade b gr.5 material and markings b18.2.25500
RAMCOOHHex Jam NutGrade BChrome1-81-8 hex jam nut grade b hot dip galvanized chrome free 2b thread .015 oversized9012
HOUSEFLHex Jam NutGrade BGalvanized7/8-9hex jam nut a563 gr b hdg per print ha-4022800
HOUSEFLHex Jam NutGrade BGalvanized5/8-11hex jam nut a563 gr b hdg per print ha-40251000
ManscoMIHex Jam NutGrade BGalvanized1-8fin hex jam nut grd b 2b plus .01562,895
ManscoMIHex Jam NutGrade BGalvanized7/8-9fin hex jam nut grd b 2b plus .01583,884
ASFCORPMIHex Jam NutGrade BZinc/Clear5/8-11a563 gr b fin hex jam nut442
AtlFastMAHex Jam NutGrade BPlainNUT, HEX-FIN JAM, 3/4-16, STL-GR B-II MS35691-616
PerigeeMIHex Jam NutGrade BCadmium/Yellow1 1/8-12fin hex jam nut MS35691-8598
PerigeeMIHex Jam NutGrade BPlain5/8-11 x 15/16 x 3/8fin hex jam nut MS35691-1006659
PerigeeMIHex Jam NutGrade BPlain1/2-13 x 3/4 x 5/16fin hex jam nut845
PerigeeMIHex Jam NutGrade BPlain3/8-24fin hex jam nut MS35691-626403
PerigeeMIHex Jam NutGrade BPlain1-8 x 1 1/2 x 55/64fin full hex nut MS35690-160439
PerigeeMIHex Jam NutGrade BCadmium3/8-243/8-24 x 9/16 x 7/32 Fin Full Slotted Hex Jam Nut MS35691-211402
PerigeeMIHex Jam NutGrade BCadmium9/16-129/16-12 x 7/8 x 5/16 MS35691-411294
PerigeeMIHex Jam NutGrade BPlain3/4-10 x 1 1/8 x 41/64fin full hex nut MS35690-1204113
PerigeeMIHex Jam NutGrade BZinc/Clear5/8-18 x 15/16 x 3/8fin hex jam nut15
PerigeeMIHex Jam NutGrade BPlain1/2-13 x 3/4 x 7/16fin full hex nut MS35690-804248
PerigeeMIHex Jam NutGrade BPlain7/16-14 x 11/16 x 3/8fin full hex nut MS35690-704366
PerigeeMIHex Jam NutGrade BPlain5/8-18fin jam nut MS35691-102616
ManscoMIHex Jam NutGrade BGalvanized1-1/8-71-1/8-7 hex jam nut grade B 2B threads 3800
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