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NappcoTXHeavy Hex NutGrade BPlain8hvy hex nut a194 gr.b s/s 3/4-1077
FastenalMIHeavy Hex NutGrade BZinc/Clear01/2-13Cr3+ astm a563 b18.2.21100
ISSCOMOHeavy Hex NutGrade BPlain1 1/4-8heavy hex nut astm a194 8 ss 1-1/4-8650
MasFasCorpNVHeavy Hex NutGrade BPlain1 3/8-8 heavy hex nut per astm a194 8m drill w/3 holes
MasFasCorpNVHeavy Hex NutGrade BPlain1 3/8-8 81 3/8-8 heavy hex nut per astm a194 8m
MasFasCorpNVHeavy Hex NutGrade BPlain1 1/2-6heavy hex nut per astm a563
MasFasCorpNVHeavy Hex NutGrade BPlain3/8-16 83/8-16 heavy hex nut per astm a194 8 dom.
MasFasCorpNVHeavy Hex NutGrade BPlain5/8-11 x 2 1/2astm a307 gr.b w/hvy hex nuts
NutsBoltsNEHeavy Hex NutGrade BPlain3/4 x 1 1/2a307b hvy hex75
NutsBoltsNEHeavy Hex NutGrade BPlain1-8 x 4 1/2a307b hvy hex10
NutsBoltsNEHeavy Hex NutGrade BPlain7/8-9 x 4a307b hvy hex10
LibertyILHeavy Hex NutGrade BPlain5/8-115/8-11 heavy hex nut 194gr.b816
LibertyILHeavy Hex NutGrade BPlain3/4-10 1943/4-10 heavy hex nut 194 8 grade b89
BHAMALHeavy Hex NutGrade BPlain5/8-11 x 2 1/2hvy hex nuts a354 gr bd7
CenturyFLHeavy Hex NutGrade BPlain5/8-11hvy hex nut astm a194 grd b8m 316 stainless125
GexproTXHeavy Hex NutGrade BPlain5/8-11hex nut hvy gr b8c18
ASFCORPMIHeavy Hex NutGrade BZinc/Clear5/16-24a563 gr b fin hex nut4,500
ASFCORPMIHeavy Hex NutGrade BPhosphate & Oil5/16-18a563 gr b phos & oil bulk fin hex nut2,600
ASFCORPMIHeavy Hex NutGrade BPlain1 1/2-12a563 gr b fin hex nut43
ASFCORPMIHeavy Hex NutGrade BZinc/Clear3/8-16a563 gr b dich fin hex nut400
BrisIndILHeavy Hex NutGrade BGalvanized2 1/2-424
IRFNJHeavy Hex NutGrade BPlain5/16-18hex finish nut per astm a563 or per SAE j-99527840
QCSORHeavy Hex NutGrade BPlain3/4-10heavy hex nut grade b stainless39
JacksonMSHeavy Hex NutGrade BPlain1 5/8-8astm a194 gr b-8 heavy hex nut (304 ss)48
WDMBIAHeavy Hex NutGrade BPlain3/8-16ifi 100/107 hvy gr.b .0003 o/g lot control6
EAGLEMPHSTNHeavy Hex NutGrade BGalvanized3/4-10 x 2 3/4a307 grb hvy hex310
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