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DFCGAHex NutGrade APlainx 7/16gra fin hex nut4100
DFCGAHex NutGrade APlainx 41/64gra fin hex nut315
DFCGAHex NutGrade APlainx 41/64gra fin hex nut180
FastenalMNHex NutGrade AZinc/Clear3-4hex nut b18.2.274
FastenalMNHex NutGrade APlain1/4-20hex nut - left hand b18.2.261040
MCFPAHex NutGrade APlain1/4-20hex thick nut unc-2b,1760
AztechILHex NutGrade APlain1/4-20fhn c/l (high gr a nut/locknut17,858
FastenalMNHex NutGrade APlain1/4-28hex nut - left hand b18.2.255680
LMMIHex NutGrade APlain1/4-28nut,
HodellOHHex NutGrade AZinc/Clear1/4-28hex nut32638
FastenalMNHex NutGrade APlain5/16-18hex nut - left hand b18.2.262685
HodellOHHex NutGrade APlain5/16-18hex nut12100
HodellOHHex NutGrade AGalvanized5/16-18hex nut mech9941
Albany StlILHex NutGrade APlain5/16-18 5635/16-18 a563 fhn gr a .0002z/p775
FastenalMNHex NutGrade APlain5/16-24hex nut - left hand b18.2.213375
FastenalMNHex NutGrade APlain3/8-16hex nut - left hand b18.2.228046
FastenalMNHex NutGrade APlain3/8-24hex nut - left hand b18.2.224099
AztechILHex NutGrade APlain3/8-24fhn c/lock lt gr a nut/locknut350,140
HodellOHHex NutGrade AZinc/Yellow3/8-24hex nut2000
FastenalMNHex NutGrade APlain1/2-13hex nut - left hand b18.2.231464
FastenalMNHex NutGrade APlain1/2-20hex nut - left hand b18.2.217479
HodellOHHex NutGrade AGalvanized9/16-12hex nut hot dip1190
FastenalMNHex NutGrade AGalvanized9/16-12hot dip hex nut b18.2.212205
FastenalMNHex NutGrade APlain5/8-11hex nut - left hand b18.2.225483
FSCCAHex NutGrade AGalvanized5/8-11hex fin nut 15/16 x 35/64, gr ahot dip , astm-a153, dye in lube2995
HodellOHHex NutGrade APlain5/8-11hex nut1993
FastenalMNHex NutGrade APlain5/8-18hex nut - left hand b18.2.210473
HodellOHHex NutGrade AZinc/Clear5/8-18hex nut11173
FastenalMNHex NutGrade APlain3/4-10hex nut - left hand b18.2.214999
HodellOHHex NutGrade AGalvanized3/4-10hex nut mech1005
Hex Nuts, Grade A
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