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FastenalMNHex NutGrade APlain1/4-20astm a563 hex nut b18.2.2102,890
MCFPAHex NutGrade APlain1/4-20hex thick nut unc-2b,1760
HodellOHHex NutGrade ACad/Yellow1/4-20fin hex nut gr a cad &20
LUBFASCOTXHex NutGrade AZinc/Clear1/4-28hex nut zb nf130
LMMIHex NutGrade APlain1/4-28nut,
Albany StlILHex NutGrade APlain5/16-18 5635/16-18 a563 fhn gr a .0002z/p775
FastenalMIHex NutGrade AZinc/Black5/16-24black gra hex nut b18.2.21340
HodellOHHex NutGrade APlain3/8-16hex nut cad677
DMBIAHex NutGrade APlain3/8-16 03/8-16 hex nut a194 gr a 0.0003 olive green431
FastenalMNHex NutGrade AZinc/Clear7/16-14finish hex nut b18.2.2255559
LUBFASCOTXHex NutGrade APlain1/2-13hex nut1,751
FastenalNCHex NutGrade AZinc/Yellow1/2-20fhn fezn5 b18.2.22000
FastenalMNHex NutGrade AZinc/Yellow9/16-12finish hex nut b18.2.22,814
FSCCAHex NutGrade AGalvanized5/8-11hex fin nut 15/16x35/64 gr a hot dip astm-a153 dye in lube2995
HodellOHHex NutGrade APlain5/8-11hex nut23
FastenalMNHex NutGrade AZinc/Clear5/8-11astm a563 hex nut b18.2.22,979
HodellOHHex NutGrade APlain5/8-11hex nut cad350
FastenalWIHex NutGrade APhosphate & Oil3/4-10finish hex nut phos oil b18.2.2355
HodellOHHex NutGrade APlain3/4-10hex nut431
FastenalIAHex NutGrade AZinc/Clear7/8-14finish hex nut b18.2.2299
FastenalMNHex NutGrade AZinc/Clear7/8-9finish hex nut b18.2.219974
HodellOHHex NutGrade AZinc/Clear1-12hex nut950
HodellOHHex NutGrade APlain1-12hex nut65
FastenalTXHex NutGrade AGalvanized1-8hot dip gra low carb hex nut-made in usa b18.2.2158
FastenalMNHex NutGrade APlain1 1/4-12finish hex nut-l.h. b18.2.2154
HodellOHHex NutGrade APlain1 3/8-12hex nut55
FastenalMNHex NutGrade AZinc/Clear1 5/8-5.5finish hex nut b18.2.21,158
HodellOHHex NutGrade APlain1 3/4-5hex nut hot1
FastenalMNHex NutGrade AZinc/Clear1 7/8-5finish hex nut b18.2.21,048
FastenalMNHex NutGrade APlain1 7/8-5finish hex nut b18.2.2200
Hex Nuts,Grade A
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