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Bolts and Cap Screws

More than 120 fin Carriage Bolts. Showing the first 120 of them. (Page 1)
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CenturyFLCarriage BoltGrade 5Aluminum zinc flake (Dacromet, Magnigard, Dorken)7/16-14 x 1 1/2c/b black magni 575 finish rohs500
KL SalesWICarriage Bolt316, A4 StainlessPlain7/16-14 x 1 1/4fin nk c/b 4 fins 316/a42
JacksonMSCarriage BoltGrade 8Plain3/8-16 x 1 1/2nc c/b f/t finish2
JacksonMSCarriage BoltGrade 5Zinc/Clear3/8-24 x 1 1/2national fine c/b797
JacksonMSCarriage BoltGrade 5Plain1/2-13 x 1 1/4nc ribbed neck c/b gr.5 finish per sample special short ribbed length & undersize head688
IRFNCCarriage BoltSteelPlainM8-1.25 x 60c/b finish 1180037-01 stl ca689
IRFNJCarriage BoltGrade 5Plain1/2-13x(77.34 – 80.90mm) c/b sht nk full body (59.7-58.8mm) finish 8537164unp 8537164unp16
IRFNJCarriage BoltGrade 5Plain1/2-13 x 1 3/4short neck full body c/b finish32400
IRFNJCarriage BoltGrade 5Zinc/Clear3/8-16 x 1short neck c/b 800 hour nickel clear finish5940
IRFNJCarriage BoltGrade 5Plain5/16-18 x 2 1/2short neck full body c/b finish26250
IRFNJCarriage BoltSteelPlain1/4-20x1 1/2 c/b finish per 1180038-01 stl82501
IRFNJCarriage BoltSteelPlainM8-1.25 x 60c/b finish per 1180038-01 st1609
Alma BoltMICarriage BoltGrade 5Plain1/2-13 x 5finish shaker screen bolt1200
EndriesWICarriage BoltGrade 5Plain#8-15 x 5/8Finish is Dacro 32017268
GUIDONNJCarriage BoltGrade 2Zinc/Clear1/4-20 x 1/2FIN NECK CARRIAGE BOLT5,000
NutsBoltsNECarriage BoltSteelZinc/Yellow7/16-14 x 1 1/2fin carriage zy5170492
NutsBoltsNECarriage BoltSteelZinc/Yellow7/16-14 x 1 1/4fin carriage zy588
FastenalINCarriage BoltGrade APlain5/8-11 x 2 1/4finish astm round c/b b18.51313
FastenalINCarriage BoltGrade 5Zinc/Clear1/2-13 x 3 1/4SAE j429 round finish f/t shaker screen bolt b18.51313
FastenalINCarriage BoltGrade APlain5/16-18 x 9finish astm round c/b b18.51460
FastenalINCarriage BoltGrade 2Zinc/Clear5/16-18 x 1 1/4finish SAE j429 long ribbed neck round c/b b18.51519
FastenalINCarriage BoltGrade AZinc/Clear5/16-18 x 8 1/2finish astm round c/b b18.51618
FastenalINCarriage BoltGrade APlain1/4-20 x 3 1/4finish astm round c/b b18.51626
FastenalNCCarriage BoltGrade APlain5/16-18 x 6finish astm round c/b b18.51711
FastenalPACarriage BoltGrade APlain5/16-18 x 8finish astm round c/b b18.51950
FastenalWACarriage BoltGrade AZinc/Clear3/8-16 x 1 1/2finish astm round c/b b18.52000
FastenalINCarriage BoltGrade AZinc/Clear1/4-20 x 3finish astm round c/b b18.52000
FastenalCACarriage BoltGrade AZinc/Clear3/8-16 x 3/4finish astm round c/b b18.52090
FastenalINCarriage BoltGrade APlain5/16-18 x 3 3/4finish astm round c/b b18.52277
FastenalCACarriage BoltGrade AZinc/Clear5/16-18 x 2 1/2finish astm round c/b b18.52400
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Bolts and Cap Screws

Bolts and Cap Screws
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Bolts and Cap Screws
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