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Bolts and Cap Screws
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Bolts and Cap Screws

There are 16 matching Shoulder Bolts, Shoulder Screws, Stripper Bolts,Class 10.9 (Page 1)
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WDMBIAShoulder Bolt (Stripper Bolt)Class 10.9Zinc/YellowM18 x 8offset shldr bolt per print gr.10.9 z&y13269
TrinityIAShoulder Bolt (Stripper Bolt)Class 10.9Zinc/YellowM24.38-107 x M24 224.38x107 m24-2 hex shoulder screw znyel610
GexproCAShoulder Bolt (Stripper Bolt)Class 10.9PlainM24 x 125gr10.9 electroless bolt soc shldr spec nck per prt rev b2
GexproCAShoulder Bolt (Stripper Bolt)Class 10.9PlainM24 x 125gr10.9 electroless bolt soc shldr spec nck per prt rev b2
CIFILShoulder Bolt (Stripper Bolt)Class 10.9Zinc/ClearM20 x 260hex sh/b, with m16 x 2.0 x 22 of thread, overall length is 282.000, ,3
CIFILShoulder Bolt (Stripper Bolt)Class 10.9Zinc/ClearM1.182-4.00 x M27 x 2.0hex sh/b, ,2
APIIAShoulder Bolt (Stripper Bolt)Class 10.9Zinc/YellowM10-1.50 x 25shouldere screw5,283
APIIAShoulder Bolt (Stripper Bolt)Class 10.9Zinc/ClearM10-1.50 x 1.812M10-1.5x1.812 hex sh/b zncl a100995377
APIIAShoulder Bolt (Stripper Bolt)Class 10.9Zinc/ClearM16-2.00-3/4 x 2.38bolt shoulder 3/4x2.38 x m16-2.0 zncl jdm f15 a2c a91462540
APIIAShoulder Bolt (Stripper Bolt)Class 10.9Zinc/ClearM20 x 42hex shlder bolt zncl special a4249952
FACCA FAS..OntShoulder Bolt (Stripper Bolt)Class 10.9Zinc/ClearM16 x 35mmHex Head with Flange, M10 Thread x24mm long200
MMCCILShoulder Bolt (Stripper Bolt)Class 10.9Zinc/YellowM16 x 100M16 x 100 hex shoulder bo-10.9- - din 609198
MMCCILShoulder Bolt (Stripper Bolt)Class 10.9PlainM16 x 75M16 x 75 hex shoulder bo 10.9 plain 16x75 din 6095
FastenalSCShoulder Bolt (Stripper Bolt)Class 10.9PlainM30 x 40M30 coarse thread bolt 40 thrd 55 shldr jumps to 35 diam. 25 in l 15 hgt. 46 across 2 flats 50 diam round w/5 hole drilled 6 to center from bottom of bolt5
FastenalPAShoulder Bolt (Stripper Bolt)Class 10.9PlainM16 x 25socket shoulder screw iso 737951
BritMetMDShoulder Bolt (Stripper Bolt)Class 10.9PlainM12 x 50din 609-10.9 hex sh/b60
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Bolts and Cap Screws

Bolts and Cap Screws
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Bolts and Cap Screws
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