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HolbrookILMachine ScrewClass 10.9Zinc/ClearM10-24 x 1 1/2torx t-20 flat s/ clear6,500
MasFasCorpNVMachine ScrewClass 10.9PlainM6-1.00 x 35M6-1.0x35 phil pan m/s black w/nylok patch
MasFasCorpNVMachine ScrewClass 10.9PlainM6-1.00 x 25M6-1.0x25 phil pan m/s black w/nylok patch
MasFasCorpNVMachine ScrewClass 10.9PlainM6-1.00 x 16M6-1.0x16 phil pan m/s black w/nylok patch
MTPCAMachine ScrewClass 10.9Zinc/YellowM8-1.25 x 35flat torx c/s . tx-40 iso 145811,200
MTPCAMachine ScrewClass 10.9Zinc/ClearM6-1.00 x 20flat torx c/s . tx-40 iso 14581800
MTPCAMachine ScrewClass 10.9Zinc/ClearM6-1.00 x 16flat torx c/s . tx-40 iso 14581400
MTPCAMachine ScrewClass 10.9Zinc/YellowM8-1.25 x 25flat torx c/s . tx-40 iso 1458111,995
MTPCAMachine ScrewClass 10.9Zinc/ClearM6-0.80 x 16flat torx c/s . tx-40 iso 145811,287
MTPCAMachine ScrewClass 10.9PlainM8-1.25 x 25flat torx c/s tx-40 iso 14581200
TrinityIAMachine ScrewClass 10.9Zinc/YellowM10-1.50 x 25torx truss znyel4408
TrinityIAMachine ScrewClass 10.9Zinc/YellowM6-1.00 x 16slotted truss serrated znyel3821
FastenalKSMachine ScrewClass 10.9Zinc/YellowM6-1.00 x 25yellow torx round washer3000
FastenalNEMachine ScrewClass 10.9PlainM8-1.25 x 256-lobe round3619
FastenalCOMachine ScrewClass 10.9PlainM4-0.70 x 5.5black salt nitrate iso/ts 16949 6-lobe button with nylon patch45286
CIFILMachine ScrewClass 10.9Fluoropolymer (Xylan, Magnigard, Teflon)M4-0.70 x 20torx pan , , magni 56515356
CIFILMachine ScrewClass 10.9Zinc/Clear#10-32 x 1/2torx pan , ,1525
CIFILMachine ScrewClass 10.9CadmiumM4-0.70 x 12flathead , din 965, , per qq-p--416, type ii, class 1100
BranamOHMachine ScrewClass 10.9Zinc/ClearM6-1.00 x 16phillips pan ms6934
BranamOHMachine ScrewClass 10.9Zinc/ClearM6-1.00 x 30torx round m/s12420
HewesNYMachine ScrewClass 10.9Zinc/ClearM2.5-0.45 x 5M2.5x0.45 x5 six lobe flathd socket pl. iso 1458119100
Machine Screws,Class 10.9
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