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KL SalesWIWood ScrewAluminumPlain#8-18 x 1/2#8-18x1/2 hex ws tek-2 w/ser 7075-t6 alum20
MidStatesMIWood ScrewAluminumPlain#12 x 2slotted round w/s alum499
MidStatesMIWood ScrewAluminumPlain#8 x 3/4phil flat w/s alum1352
MidStatesMIWood ScrewAluminumPlain#10 x 3/4slotted flat w/s alum36
MidStatesMIWood ScrewAluminumPlain#10 x 2slotted flat w/s alum59
MidStatesMIWood ScrewAluminumPlain#10 x 1 1/2slotted round w/s alum114
MidStatesMIWood ScrewAluminumPlain#8 x 3/4phil round w/s alum123
MidStatesMIWood ScrewAluminumPlain#5 x 1/2slotted flat w/s alum188
MidStatesMIWood ScrewAluminumPlain#14 x 2slotted round w/s alum184
MidStatesMIWood ScrewAluminumPlain#4 x 5/8slotted flat w/s alum200
MidStatesMIWood ScrewAluminumPlain#5 x 3/4slotted flat w/s alum240
MidStatesMIWood ScrewAluminumPlain#9 x 3/4slotted flat w/s alum210
MidStatesMIWood ScrewAluminumPlain#8 x 5/8phil round w/s alum308
MidStatesMIWood ScrewAluminumPlain#8 x 1 1/4slotted round w/s alum293
MidStatesMIWood ScrewAluminumPlain#8 x 1in slotted flat w/s alum403
MidStatesMIWood ScrewAluminumPlain#6 x 7/8slotted flat w/s alum400
MidStatesMIWood ScrewAluminumPlain#12 x 1 1/2slotted flat w/s alum399
MidStatesMIWood ScrewAluminumPlain#8 x 1in phil flat w/s alum368
MidStatesMIWood ScrewAluminumPlain#7 x 1 1/4slotted flat w/s alum392
MidStatesMIWood ScrewAluminumPlain#10 x 3/4phil flat w/s alum424
MidStatesMIWood ScrewAluminumPlain#6 x 3/4phil flat w/s alum463
MidStatesMIWood ScrewAluminumPlain#10 x 1 1/4slotted round w/s alum458
MidStatesMIWood ScrewAluminumPlain#6 x 1/2slotted flat w/s alum801
MidStatesMIWood ScrewAluminumPlain#8 x 1 1/2slotted flat w/s alum693
MidStatesMIWood ScrewAluminumPlain#12 x 1 1/2slotted round w/s alum779
MidStatesMIWood ScrewAluminumPlain#8 x 1 1/4slotted flat w/s alum703
MidStatesMIWood ScrewAluminumPlain#6 x 3/4phil oval w/s alum800
MidStatesMIWood ScrewAluminumPlain#10 x 1in slotted round w/s alum720
MidStatesMIWood ScrewAluminumPlain#6 x 1/2truss phil w/s alum1303
MidStatesMIWood ScrewAluminumPlain#8 x 7/8phil flat w/s alum2113
Wood Screws,Aluminum
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