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After 8 years of contunuous running, with 1 unprogrammed outage, our fasteners DB decided it was time for a rest.

And it was a deep sleep. fortunately we have active replicas, but it required a lot of checking before we could trust putting them on-line.

We are now back on-line, but performance checking and tuning will run all weekend.

Thanks for your patience,
and thanks for using FCH

More than 120 M8,Hex Nuts. Showing the first 120 of them. (Page 1)
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EndriesWIHex NutSteelZinc/YellowM8DIN934 class 8 with patch20720
GUIDONNJHex Nut300 Stainless (A1,A2, 18-8,304,310 etc.)PlainM8FINISHED HEX NUT DIN 934 1,145
QCSORHex NutBrassPlainM8-1.25-13hex nut100
BELMETRICMAHex Nut300 Stainless (A1,A2, 18-8,304,310 etc.)PlainM8-1.25 x M8M8x1.25, m8 l.h. nut, 13 wrench size, a2 18-8 304 din 934l,stock
CISWIHex Nut316, A4 StainlessPlainM8-1.25finish 31667
Rel SupplyFLHex NutSteelPlainM8-1.25jis nut100
MTPCAHex NutClass 8Zinc/YellowM8-1.25hex nut 8 din 934stock
MTPCAHex NutClass 8PlainM8-1.25hex nut 10 din 934stock
TSPWAHex NutSteelZinc/ClearM8-1.25jis std.12 hex hex full nutstock
TSPWAHex NutSteelZinc/ClearM8-1.25jis std.12 hex hex full nutstock
TSPWAHex NutClass 8Black OxideM8-1.25class 8 hex full nutstock
TSPWAHex NutSteelZinc/ClearM8-1.25jis std.12 hex hex full nutstock
BELMETRICMAHex NutClass 10Zinc/BlackM8-1.25 x M8M8x1.25, m8 hex nut, hardened class 10, 13 wrench size, nut may come either black or . din 934,stock
TSPWAHex NutClass 8Black OxideM8-1.25class 8 hex full nutstock
BuckeyeOHHex NutSteelZinc/ClearM8-1.25pierce nut - plinquire
MTPCAHex NutBrassPlainM8-1.25hex nut, din 9343,288
MTPCAHex NutClass 10Zinc/YellowM8-1.25hex nut 10 din 93467,627
MTPCAHex NutTitaniumPlainM8-1.25hex nut,1,000
MTPCAHex NutClass 10Zinc/ClearM8-1.25hex nut 10 din 9342,000
MTPCAHex NutClass 10PlainM8-1.25hex nut 10 din 9344,400
MTPCAHex NutTitaniumPlainM8-1.25hex nut, din 934-200
MTPCAHex NutClass 12Zinc/ClearM8-1.25hex nut 10 din 934400
MTPCAHex NutClass 8Zinc/ClearM8-1.25hex nut 8 din 934334,919
MESAFASTCAHex NutSteelZinc/ClearM8-1.25hex nut213.0
Cal FastenrsCAHex NutSteelZinc/ClearM8-1.25hex nut Cr3+4,820
FastenalKYHex NutSteelNickelM8-1.25hex nut3835
FastenalWIHex NutSteelPlainM8-1.25nut hex c10 po770
FastenalMDHex NutSteelPlainM8-1.25cu manifold nut1050
FastenalWIHex NutSteelFluoropolymer (Xylan, Magnigard, Teflon)M8-1.25hex nut magni15372
M8,Hex Nuts
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