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More than 120 Direct Tension Indicating (D.T.I.) Washers. Showing the first 120 of them. (Page 1)
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MagbotFLDirect Tension Indicating (DTI) WasherSteelPlain1 3/8load ind4.00
MagbotFLDirect Tension Indicating (DTI) WasherSteelPlain1 1/8load indicating81.00
MagbotFLDirect Tension Indicating (DTI) WasherSteelPlain7/8finish load indicator s ( squirter )8.00
MagbotFLDirect Tension Indicating (DTI) WasherSteelGalvanized5/8load ind.1,759.00
MagbotFLDirect Tension Indicating (DTI) WasherSteelGalvanized11 load ind.390.00
MagbotFLDirect Tension Indicating (DTI) WasherSteelGalvanized3/4load ind. mech. squirter17.00
MagbotFLDirect Tension Indicating (DTI) WasherSteelGalvanized1/2load ind.10.00
MagbotFLDirect Tension Indicating (DTI) WasherSteelGalvanized1 1/4load ind s hdg30.00
MagbotFLDirect Tension Indicating (DTI) WasherSteelGalvanized1 1/2dti load indicator s3.00
MagbotFLDirect Tension Indicating (DTI) WasherSteelGalvanized3/4load ind.908.00
MagbotFLDirect Tension Indicating (DTI) WasherSteelGalvanized5/8load ind. mech. squirter612.00
MagbotFLDirect Tension Indicating (DTI) WasherSteelGalvanized7/8load ind.353.00
MagbotFLDirect Tension Indicating (DTI) WasherSteelPlain5/8load indicating wshr68.00
MagbotFLDirect Tension Indicating (DTI) WasherSteelGalvanized7/8load ind. mech. squirter1,404.00
WurthINDirect Tension Indicating (DTI) WasherSteelPlain1 1/4load indicator a325/f436195
WurthINDirect Tension Indicating (DTI) WasherSteelPlain1 1/8load indicator a325/f436350
WurthINDirect Tension Indicating (DTI) WasherSteelPlaint02995 1/2 squirter dtis134
WurthINDirect Tension Indicating (DTI) WasherSteelPlain5/8load indicator a325/f4362
WurthINDirect Tension Indicating (DTI) WasherSteelPlain3/4load indicator a325/f436892
WurthINDirect Tension Indicating (DTI) WasherSteelPlain1 1/4load indicator wshr w/squirter4
BHAMALDirect Tension Indicating (DTI) WasherSteelPlain1 1/4f959 dti a490-squirter14
BHAMALDirect Tension Indicating (DTI) WasherSteelGalvanized1 1/2f959 dti a325 mg23
BHAMTXDirect Tension Indicating (DTI) WasherSteelPlain11 f959 dti a3251,000
BHAMTXDirect Tension Indicating (DTI) WasherSteelPlain1 3/8f959 dti a325-squirter414
BHAMALDirect Tension Indicating (DTI) WasherSteelPlain11 f959 dti a325 (applied)70
BHAMALDirect Tension Indicating (DTI) WasherSteelPlain1 1/8f959 dti a325 (applied)84
BHAMALDirect Tension Indicating (DTI) WasherSteelPlain11 f959 dti a490-squirter10
BHAMALDirect Tension Indicating (DTI) WasherSteelPlain11 f959 dti a490-squirter ty 345
HayesCADirect Tension Indicating (DTI) WasherSteelPlain7/8a325 load indicating1
HayesCADirect Tension Indicating (DTI) WasherSteelGalvanized3/4a325 load indicating hdg28
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