Wedge Anchors , Plastic

Wedge Anchors, or Wedge Stud Anchors are very popular medium to heavy-duty mechanical expansion anchors designed for use in pre-drilled holes in masonry. These are four-part assemblies consisting of a threaded body with a wedge shape at the other end, a sleeve, a nut and a washer. As the nut is tightened the sleeve expands and "wedges" itself against the masonry.

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KomarILWedge Stud AnchorPlasticPlain#2345 3/8#2345 3/8 to 1 rawl wall ancher(zip-it) plastic200
ManscoMIWedge Stud AnchorPlasticPlain1 3/4 x 3 1/2plastic wedge-black155
All SizeTXWedge Stud AnchorPlasticPlain12.8/1412.8/14 volt plastic wedge amber20

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