3/16 Swage Sleeves, Crimp Sleeves

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ManscoMISwage Sleeves, Crimp SleevesPlasticPlain3/16 x 1/4 x 1/43/16 idx1/4 odx1/4 length flange sleeve bearing peek250
FastWareSaskSwage Sleeves, Crimp SleevesSteelPlain3/16 x 1 x 2 3/43/16 x 1 x 2 3/4 flat rectangular sleeve black2,500
ACCURATEILSwage Sleeves, Crimp SleevesCopperZinc/Clear3/16swage sleeves copper100
METRO INDOHSwage Sleeves, Crimp SleevesBrassPlain3/16comp sleeve90
SIIINSwage Sleeves, Crimp SleevesBrassPlain3/163/16 brass compression sleeve)10
TSFTXSwage Sleeves, Crimp SleevesAluminumPlain3/16wire rope sleeve alum. 3/16100
MESAFASTCASwage Sleeves, Crimp SleevesAluminumPlain3/16oval crimp sleeve50.0
HBBOLTCASwage Sleeves, Crimp SleevesSteelZinc/Clear3/16oval sleeve copper sleeve100
THRDFASTFLSwage Sleeves, Crimp SleevesAluminumPlain3/16alum cable stop sleeve125
All SizeTXSwage Sleeves, Crimp SleevesSteelPlain3/163/16 align nut w/sleeve5
NutsBoltsNESwage Sleeves, Crimp SleevesSteelPlain3/163/16 compression sleeve 1800226
KBSTNSwage Sleeves, Crimp SleevesAluminumPlain3/163/16 alum dble sleeve swage fitting2,385
UNITED FASTENERCASwage Sleeves, Crimp SleevesAluminumPlain3/16tci alum oval wire rope sleeves1000

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