5/8 Toggle Bolts

Toggle Bolt Anchors, also known as Butterfly Anchors are two-part anchors consisting of a machine screw and a metal spring-loaded toggle wing. They are designed as light-duty hollow wall anchors, and as the anchor is inserted into a pre-drilled hole, the spring-loaded wing expands which is then tightened against the back of the drywall.

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HBBOLTCAToggle Bolt with Wings, Spring Toggle AnchorSteelPlain5/8long poly toggle 02305 02305450
NAPPCOTXToggle Bolt with Wings, Spring Toggle AnchorSteelPlain5/85/8 long poly toggle screw anchor500
SISAZToggle Bolt with Wings, Spring Toggle AnchorSteelPlain5/8polytoggle drywall anchor200
TimberlineCOToggle Bolt with Wings, Spring Toggle AnchorSteelPlain5/8toggle anc long-tc 5/8225

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