Shoulder Bolts, Class 9.8

Shoulder Screws, also called Shoulder Bolts or Stripper Bolts, are fasteners with three distinct sections: the head, the unthreaded shank, and the threaded section which is smaller in diameter than the shoulder. The change in diameter between the threaded section and the shank provides the shoulder, against which the shoulder bolt can be tightened. These can have different types of head, but frequently have socket heads.

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CIFILShoulder Bolt (Stripper Bolt)Class 9.8Zinc/ClearM18 x 36.0/35.5m18 x 36.0/35.5 hex shoulder bolt 9.8 grade zinc phos 72 hrs to red rust6862
IRFNJShoulder Bolt (Stripper Bolt)Class 9.8Zinc/BlackM0.5 x M6-1.00 x 21.8M6-1.0x21.8 +/-0.5 shoulder screw cl 9.8 stl with nickel black and precote 80 patch71541
ISSCOMOShoulder Bolt (Stripper Bolt)Class 9.8PlainM14 x 95sh/b hex(9mm x 21mm) 14mm x 95 mm shoulder, m12-1.75 x 40mm thrd500
FACCAOntShoulder Bolt (Stripper Bolt)Class 9.8Zinc/ClearM16 x 35hex flange head100

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