4 Self-Clinching Standoffs

Self-Clinching Standoffs are are cylindrical spacing fasteners, usually threaded one end, but the other end has a circular clinching groove. Self-clinching standoffs are used with sheet metal applications. The installation process involves squeezing the standoff through the metal, causing the deformed metal to flow into the clinching groove, locking the standoff in place. Self-clinching standoffs are fixed permanently to the sheet metal, providing a permanent distance separator and making total assembly easier.

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SWACOOHSelf-Clinching StandoffSteelPlainso4-m4-3 spec pem standoff557
SJS ProdCASelf-Clinching StandoffBrassPlain4 x 40 x 3/16keystone 4x40x3/16 x3/8 rnd brass s/o () () () () () () () () ()
TrifastTXSelf-Clinching Standoff300 Stainless (A1,A2, 18-8,304,310 etc.)Plain44unc thru s/off 1/8 stainless steel self finish sorted9020
TrifastTXSelf-Clinching StandoffSteelPlain44unc alt thru s/off thin sheet .398 steel astmb633z1cr3bakesrt77000

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