M20 Press-In Inserts

Press-In Threaded Inserts, also called Ultrasonic Inserts, are internally threaded inserts specially designed for use in hard plastics such as printed circuit boards. A common trade-name is E-Z Lok®. A special insertion tool is required that applies high-frequency ultrasonic sound waves to the insert as it is slowly pressed into a pre-drilled hole in the the plastic. The heat developed melts the surrounding plastic and locks the insert in place.

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SWACOOHPress-In/Ultrasonic Insert for Plastic (E-Z Lok etc.)BrassPlainM20 x 100M20x100c brass insert13500
MMCCILPress-In/Ultrasonic Insert for Plastic (E-Z Lok etc.)SteelZinc/ClearM20mm20 insert nut steel zinc plate m bn1inquire

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