M2.6 Nylon Insert Lock Nuts

Nylon-Insert Lock Nuts, Nyloc Nuts or Elastic Stop Nuts, are locknuts with a nylon or fiber internal collar that increases friction on the screw thread. The screw thread does not cut into the nylon insert, however, the insert deforms elastically over the threads. Since the locking feature can be affected by heat, they are more correctly referred to as “Stop” nuts.

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MTPCALock Nut, Nylon InsertClass 8.8Zinc/ClearM2.6m2.6 din 985-8 zn nylon insert locknuts26,590
MtrcSpecCALock Nut, Nylon InsertSteelZinc/ClearM2.6-0.45nylon insert locknut din 985stock

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