M4.2 Non-Serrated Flange Screw

Frame Bolts are hex washer head bolts with a flat washer bearing surface. They are made from high-alloy steel, and commonly used on truck frames, hence the name frame bolt. The flange eliminates the need for washers. They are covered under ASME Standard B18.2.1

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CenturyFLFlange Screw w/o serr. (Frame Bolt)SteelPlainM4.2 x 16stimpson a2214309000
CIFILFlange Screw w/o serr. (Frame Bolt)SteelZinc/BlackM4.2-1.41 x 20m4.2 x 1.41 x 20 hex flange bolt sem unslotted type-br tapping screw case hardened zinc nickel black g-22 per print67722

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