M24 Non-Serrated Flange Screw

Frame Bolts are hex washer head bolts with a flat washer bearing surface. They are made from high-alloy steel, and commonly used on truck frames, hence the name frame bolt. The flange eliminates the need for washers. They are covered under ASME Standard B18.2.1

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BritMetMDFlange Screw w/o serr. (Frame Bolt)Class 10.9PlainM24 x 70din 6921-10.9 hex flange bolt bn 41300inquire
RevcarVAFlange Screw w/o serr. (Frame Bolt)Class 10.9Aluminum zinc flake (Dacromet, Magnigard, Doerken)M24-3.00 x 45hex flg bolt cl10.9 doerken delta protekt din 6921100
EurolinkSCFlange Screw w/o serr. (Frame Bolt)SteelGalvanizedM24m24 lindapter gt f 9 hot dip galvanized lindapter flange clamp with two parts with screws nuts and washers1

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