M12 Hex Male/Female Standoffs

Hex Male/Female Standoffs are used in printed circuit boards or sheet metal fabrications and their purpose is to provide a set distance separator between two objects. The two objects could be two circuit boards or two sheets of sheet metal. Where a hex male/female standoff differs from a hex spacer is that the standoff has one end projecting and threaded, and the other end drilled and internally threaded.

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CenturyFLHex Male/Female StandoffSteelPlainM12raf m2107-3005-s-12 m/f stndoff modified (5MM HEX X 12 MM X M3 THD ROHS PER PRINT) (5MM HEX X 12 MM X M3 THD ROHS PER PRINT) () () () () () () () () () ()6185
EximS'poreHex Male/Female StandoffSteelNickelM12 x 6 x 12.00standoff m/f 12mm hex steel nickel m6 12.00 x 70.00 x 9.000 mm0.472 x 2.756 x 0.354 in [rohs]679

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