#12 Eye Bolts

Lifting Eye Bolts are mechanical fasteners with a threaded shaft and a head formed into a loop. Most often they are forged and then machined. Eyebolts are used to attach an eye to a structure, through which rope, cable or shackles can be secured for lifting.

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Buy Eye Bolts from one of our FCH Network Partners
Zoro Tools Inc.Eye BoltSteelPlain1.12forged eye bolt - 1.12
Buy Eye Bolts from one of our FCH Network Members
HayesCAEye BoltSteelZinc/Clear#12-24 x 1 1/212-24 x 1 1/2 (shank) turned eye bolt zinc33
Valley NuWAEye BoltSteelPlain12 x 20 1/2mm lifting eye bolt 700# load16
KBSTNEye BoltSteelZinc/Clear#12-24 x 2.12 x 1.512-24x2.12 x1.5 x5/16 id turned eyebolt znc200
ManscoMIEye BoltSteelPlain#12-24 x 2 1/2lg eye bolt zdc339

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