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2 1/2 Rivet Nuts

Internal Threaded Inserts, also known as Rivet Nuts, RivNut®, Blind Rivet Nuts, are internally threaded bushings that are inserted into a pre-drilled hole and then fixed in place by tightening a screw in the thread, thus expanding the body of the insert against the back side of the hole. The first rivet nut was created by BF Goodrich in the 1930s, and sold under the trademark RIVNUT®.

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NAPPCOTXInternal Thread Insert (Rivet Nut, Well Nut, Jack Nut)2 1/2 x 2 1/2 x 5avk2530 2-1/2 x2-1/2 x5 wax block AVK2530 (513-AVK-TOOLS) (513-AVK-TOOLS) (513-AVK-TOOLS) (513-AVK-TOOLS) (513-AVK-TOOLS) (513-AVK-TOOLS) (513-AVK-TOOLS) (513-AVK-TOOLS) (513-AVK-TOOLS) (513-AVK-TOOLS) (513-AVK-TOOLS) (513-AVK-TOOLS) (513-AVK-TOOLS) (513-AVK-TOOLS) (513-AVK-TOOLS) (513-AVK-TOOLS) (513-AVK-TOOLS) (513-AVK-TOOLS) (513-AVK-TOOLS) (513-AVK-TOOLS)2
THRDFASTALInternal Thread Insert (Rivet Nut, Well Nut, Jack Nut)2 1/2 x 2 1/2 x 3/162 1/2x2 1/2x3/16 insert grooved round bottom insert with 3/16 flat face22

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