M5 Castellated Nuts

Hex Castle Nuts or Castellated Nuts have notches on one end, which resemble the serrated tops of castle parapets. These nuts are used with a bolt with cross-drilled holes, so that a cotter pin can pass through the nut and into a hole in a bolt shank, thus preventing the nut from loosening. The notched end is turned down slightly, allowing the cotter pin to be bent around the nut. Often used in machinery, shafts and automotive applications.

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MTPCACastle Nut (Hex)Class 8.8PlainM5din 935 class 8 slotted hex/castle nuts400
METRO INDOHCastle Nut (Hex)SteelPlainM5slotted hex nut din 9354149
MSTCMACastle Nut (Hex)Class 8.8Zinc/ClearM5m5 din 935 hex slot/cast nut cl8 stl zn48
MMCCILCastle Nut (Hex)SteelZinc/ClearM5-0.80slotted/castellated nut din 935 steel zinc/clear600
MtrcSpecCACastle Nut (Hex)SteelZinc/ClearM5-0.80castle nut cl 6 din 935stock

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