Headed Weld Studs, Class 8.8

Headed Weld Studs or Shear Connectors are used in buildings and bridge construction, for anchoring steel plates and other shapes into concrete where they transfer shear load to load bearing beams, where strong shear resistance is needed.

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ManscoMIHeaded Weld Stud, Shear ConnectorClass 8.8PlainM6 x 23mmm6-1.0 x 23mm weld stud 8.8 with M point 529,700
FastcoMIHeaded Weld Stud, Shear ConnectorClass 8.8PlainOverall Length-30.35 / 28.85 mm Washer Diameter-20.0 / 19.5 mm Washer Thickness-2.65 / 2.35 mm Weld Nib Diameter (x3)-.085 / .073 Weld Nib Height (x3)-.0315 / .0275 Shoulder Diameter-.396 / .390 Shoulder Length-.250 / .240 Thread M6-1.0 Material 1022 Finish Pickle & Seal Heat Treat HRC 27-364 070 lbs. Min Tensile | Weld Stud2650

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