3/16 Hanger Bolts

Hanger bolts are headless,  double-ended suspended bolts, that have a lag-screw type thread at one end, and a machine screw type thread at the other end. The lag screw threaded end is screwed into wood and the other end can accept a nut.

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ASMCILHanger BoltsSteelZinc/Clear3/16-24 x 1 1/2coarse hanger bolt low carb zp670
UNITED FASTENERCAHanger BoltsSteelPlain3/16-24 x 1 1/2hanger bolt1459
MasFasCorpNVHanger BoltsSteelZinc/Clear3/16 x 2hanger boltinquire
MESAFASTCAHanger BoltsSteelPlain3/16 x 2hanger bolt16.0
ASMCILHanger BoltsSteelZinc/Clear3/16-24 x 2coarse hanger bolt low carb zp100
HBBOLTCAHanger BoltsSteelPlain3/16 x 2hanger bolt1,025
UNITED FASTENERCAHanger BoltsSteelPlain3/16-24 x 2hanger bolt1038
ASMCILHanger BoltsSteelZinc/Clear3/16-24 x 2 1/2coarse hanger bolt low carb zp4,515
HBBOLTCAHanger BoltsSteelPlain3/16 x 2 1/2hanger bolt9
ASMCILHanger BoltsSteelZinc/Clear3/16-24 x 3coarse hanger bolt low carb zp425
UNITED FASTENERCAHanger BoltsSteelPlain3/16-24 x 3hanger bolt23
HBBOLTCAHanger BoltsSteelPlain10 24 3/16-2410-24 (3/16-24) hanger bolt driver10

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